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Manufacturers Index - Other Maker

Other Maker
*, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery, Metal Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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The Vintage Machinery Photo Index is a place where members of this site can submit photos of old woodworking machinery. The Index is a valuable resource in that visitors to this site can see examples of machinery made by many different manufacturers.

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02/14/2012 Band Saw Patternmaker-fabricated Portland, OR 14.5" 1920s Deumling, Reuben
04/28/2018 Band Saw C-Frame Band saw 14" unknown n/a Brady, Sean
05/03/2017 Band Saw Wooden handmade has delta Milwaukee motor. ? ? None Filipiak, Stan
01/24/2018 Band Saw 1945 Shop Built Bandsaw 25" 25" 1945 1 Kezele, Phil
03/30/2019 Drill Press Bench drill press 6" 1969 64 Fredericks, Dave
03/20/2012 Drill Press Patternmaker-fabricated Portland, OR 1920s Deumling, Reuben
03/22/2016 Grinder, Bench Bench Grinder Model Unk 6" Patent Oct 21,1913 None P, Bob
10/05/2015 Jig or Scroll Saw flat belt and home made 12' unknown none long, alton
06/15/2013 Jointer Shop Made Jointer 8" Grade, Dan
02/14/2012 Jointer Patternmaker-fabricated Portland, OR 4" 1920s Deumling, Reuben
12/24/2012 Lathe, Wood homebuilt lathe 23" by 63" aprox 1980 Iles, John
10/18/2012 Lathe, Wood 48" lathe 48" 1910? Ziegler, Chris
07/05/2013 Lathe, Wood Unknown Stortz, Robin
07/12/2013 Lathe, Wood Wood bed lathe 10" Swing, Approx. 36 between centers 1900 rough guesstimate Grade, Dan
02/19/2019 Lathe, Wood made out of wood with steel reinforsment 5' long Lettiere, Nick
03/29/2017 Other Not sure Scott, Brian
08/16/2013 Other Horse Hair Picker No.3 Atlas Early 1900's 56215.1047 Berghorst, Bob
04/28/2016 Other Foley File & Jointing F-1 & Computing Scale Co? Aug 06 1901 - Dec 11 1906 1336 (Computing Scale Co on top of machine) Olson, Andrea
07/11/2012 Planer, Wood Popular Mechanics plans planer 12" unknown none petrie, mark
02/05/2014 Sander 1" X 42" Strip Sander 1" X 42" unknown n/a Johnson, Jim
02/14/2012 Sander Patternmaker-fabricated Portland, OR 14" disc 1920s Deumling, Reuben
02/06/2019 Sander round disc sander unknown unknown Utah, Johny
10/06/2015 Sander Delta 1426 disc sander clone 12" Danke, Joel
05/14/2018 Sander belt & disc sander 2x48belt 16" Disc ? ? Miller, Loren
01/09/2018 Shaper, Wood Unk Unk None P, Bob
06/21/2018 Shaper, Wood Small bench shaper 1/2" Deumling, Reuben
02/14/2012 Shaper, Wood Patternmaker-fabricated Portland, OR 5/8" spindle 1920s Deumling, Reuben
10/05/2013 Shaper, Wood Home made 1/2" 1930s? na Hoglund, Bill
11/17/2012 Table Saw 7-1/4" assumed unknown Deumling, Reuben
06/15/2019 Table Saw Homemade tablesaw with rip fence 10"? 1950s? Joslin, Jeff
05/30/2018 Table Saw one off table saw late 20's early 30's wilson, jenifer
06/03/2018 Table Saw Cabinet Saw-All wood construction-Shop Made 10" ? G., Reed