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Please read this page BEFORE sending us any e-mail!

VintageMachinery.org is a resource site, run entirely by volunteers. We all have real jobs, and do this because we love old machinery and their history. We also get lots of e-mail from people with the majority asking one or more questions that are addressed on this page. Please help us save time and help yourself get your answers more quickly by reading this page before sending us any e-mail!

  • We do NOT represent any manufacturer listed on this site in any way. If you are trying to contact the manufacturer, visit our Manufacturers Index page and search for the manufacturers name. If we know how to contact them, it will be there.
  • We are NOT an appraisal service nor an expert on how much a machine is worth. If you want an idea as to how much your machine is worth, see the write up on our site titled How Much is My Machine Worth?
  • We do NOT buy or sell machines. We do have a Classified Ads section where you can list your machine for sell or look for machines to buy. 
  • We do NOT sell parts for any old machinery. If we know of a source for parts, it will be listed in the Manufacturers Index entry for that manufacturer.
  • We can NOT put you in touch with the manufacturer, or someone to help you find replacement parts. If you are looking for information on a specific manufacturer, please see the Manufacturers Index .  If there is any contact information to that company, it is usually listed in the index.  Unfortunately, many old manufacturers of old machinery are no longer in business leaving no source of contact.
  • If a Catalog, Manual or Parts List is not listed on the web site, we do NOT have access to it. If you are looking for a manual that is not listed, we would suggest checking back from time to time as we are constantly adding new material as it becomes available.  You can also check our list of Other Suppliers of old Catalogs and Manuals.
  • We can NOT answer specific questions about your machine. There is just not enough time in the day to answer all of the specific questions we get. However, if you have specific questions about an old machine, in many cases, you might find the answer in the Vintage Machinery Knowledge Base sections of the web site.  If your answer is still unanswered, we would recommend that you post it to the Old Woodworking Machines Discussion Forum.  This will be the best place to post such questions as your question will be viewed by many other enthusiast of old machinery. If somebody knows an answer, they will usually reply.

Support Questions?

All support questions related to the VintageMachinery.org site or the OWWM.org (Discussion Forum) site should be submitted to the appropriate support forum at www.owwm.org.

If you have questions concerning this web site (VintageMachinery.org - formerly OWWM.com) post your support questions to Vintage Machinery Website Support Forum

If you have questions concerning the Discussion Forum (OWWM.org) post your questions to OWWM.org Support Forum

The VintageMachinery.org and OWWM.org sites are administered separately from each other so is is important to post your questions to the appropriate forum.

If you have a question that is not covered above, feel free to send it along and we will try to answer. Just remember that we are very busy and this site is just a hobby so replies do not always come very quickly.

In order for VintageMachinery.org to continue to grow and expand our inventory of information, we need contributions from people who have such historical material.  If you have publications, information or anything else that you feel would be an asset to this site and would like to contribute it for inclusion, please see our Submitting Content page.

All other questions, including questions or comments about the site itself, can be sent to the Webmaster using the form below.

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