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About VintageMachinery.org

Our Mission:
(formerly OWWM.com) was founded as a public service to amateurs and professionals who enjoy using and/or restoring vintage machinery.

Our main mission is to provide information about vintage machinery that is generally difficult to locate. This is accomplished primarily through contributions of the users of this site.  Many people have graciously contributed documentation of old woodworking machinery that is in their personal collections to this site so that others can share in its use.  If you have material that you would like to contribute to the site, please visit our Submitting Content page.

While we like to provide as much information as we possibly can about old machinery and their manufacturers, we obviously do not have material on every machine or manufacturer in existence.  If you do not see your machine in our archives, it is not currently in our collection.  Please check back from time to time as we are constantly adding new material.

What we do not do is provide support or parts for any machines on this site, nor do we represent any manufacturer listed on this site in any way.  Please do not contact us about obtaining parts or manuals.  If it is not on this site, we do not have it. 

Catalogs, manuals and any other literature that is available on this site is made available for a historical record only. Please remember that safety standards have changed over the years and information in old manuals as well as the old machines themselves may not be up to today's standards. It is up to the individual user to use good judgment and to safely operate old machinery. VintageMachinery.org will assume no responsibilities for damages or injuries resulting from information obtained from this site.

History of the VintageMachinery.org web site:
If you are intrested in knowing about the history of this site, please read our Short History of VintageMachinery.org.

Submitting Content:
A large part of the success of the VintageMachinery.org web site has been due to our members submitting and sharing content for the site.  If you have something that you would like to share with the OWWM community, please read more about Submitting Content.

Machinery Questions:
Please do not send questions about specific machines directly to the VintageMachinery.org web site.  If you have a question about a machine, we reccomend that you post your question to the OWWM Discussion Forums. Questions about machines will not be answered if sent to this web site.  That is why we have the Discussion Forums! 

Web Site Support:
If you are experiencing problems with the site and would like to report a bug, please post the information on the OWWM Discussion Forums Support Forum.  You will almost always get a faster response to your support question by posting it on the forums than if you send a message directely to the webmaster.  Many members in our coummunity monitor the Support Forum and in many cases, a member will answer your question before the site administrators even see the message.

Contact VintageMachinery.org
If you have specific information concerning manufacturers of vintage woodworking machinery that you would like to see added to the VintageMachinery.org web site or have questions regarding the site itself, please feel free to Contact Us.