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Manufacturers Index - Stanley Works, Stanley Electric Tools

Stanley Works, Stanley Electric Tools
New Britain, CT, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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The Vintage Machinery Photo Index is a place where members of this site can submit photos of old woodworking machinery. The Index is a valuable resource in that visitors to this site can see examples of machinery made by many different manufacturers.

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Insert Date
01/01/2020 Grinder, Bench 667 7" 1939 G51989C Thiry, Bill
03/30/2019 Grinder, Bench 667 7" ~1958 newton, paul
12/30/2018 Grinder, Bench M-257 7 inch Late 40’s / 50’s RM0266 McRay, Will
12/06/2018 Shaper, Wood S-2 3/4" SPINDLE 1935-1945 726 Cole Jr., Raymond C.
11/17/2018 Overarm Router Ga-138 8" throat 1954 na Cole Jr., Raymond C.
09/27/2018 Other Power Shear 36” 1930’s - 1940’s ? U61405 Aitken, Tim
02/07/2018 Grinder, Bench 586 6" 1940-1945? G18878G Burgher, Lukas
03/08/2017 Grinder, Bench Type 586 6" Unknown G11423G Hadley, Mark
01/06/2017 Overarm Router OR5S BENCH MOUNT 20" THROAT 1930s-40s blank on plate Cole Jr., Raymond C.
11/18/2016 Shaper, Wood S33 Table Shaper 3 HP Motor 1954 (approx.) Motor CC4731 Belanger, Nelson
09/16/2016 Shaper, Wood S5A 1/2" Arbor unknown painted over Belanger, Nelson
05/26/2016 Shaper, Wood bench top router/shaper motor states PORTABLE TOOL ROOM GRINDER #585E 12" x 12" x 9" high 1930's G8764e Cole Jr., Raymond C.
03/25/2016 Universal Trimmer miter cutter #200 3" wide X 2 1/2" thick cutting height 1930's n/a Cole Jr., Raymond C.
03/18/2016 Other H-62A Table shaper plate 9 X 9 about 1950's not listed Cole Jr., Raymond C.
03/18/2016 Shaper, Wood bench top router/shaper 12" x 12" x 9" high 1930-40s U S PAT #'S1532683-1566824 Cole Jr., Raymond C.
03/17/2016 Overarm Router stanley-carter # ORS5A-1 20" THROAT 1930s-40s I BELIEVE GA203 R & S TABLE Cole Jr., Raymond C.
11/08/2015 Grinder, Bench 7" bench grinder/257 7" wheels/ 16"cc G67651A Mayer, David
06/14/2015 Grinder, Bench no. 556 bench grinder 6" 1929 (approx.) 14265 winger, greg
04/21/2015 Drill Press 523A Drill Stand 12" Swing unknown Foos, Ross
07/09/2014 Combo Machine Stanley Handyman H5-A unknown C8544LK02778 Mackey, Roy
08/20/2013 Grinder, Bench 257 7" G66577A newton, paul
01/29/2013 Grinder, Bench 246A Unknown (est. 6") Unknown Unknown Kachadurian, Brian
11/26/2012 Combo Machine Handyman H6-A 6 ''Tablesaw C8545LK00807 Luby, Gene
11/07/2012 Grinder, Bench Model 677 7" Pedestal Grinder 7" 1/3 HP 50s Cavanaugh, David
04/20/2012 Grinder, Bench Model #697G 7" unknown UG 000199950 Robertson, Scott
03/08/2012 Grinder, Bench Model 286 Bench Grinder not sure partially scratched off Santos, Jorge
01/20/2012 Overarm Router ORS5A-1 14" Phelps, Jon
10/08/2011 Shaper, Wood Router table 1/2" ? ? Strombom, Erik
04/27/2011 Shaper, Wood Combination Router-Shaper Stand #30 1935 Wilke, Steve
11/23/2010 Shaper, Wood S5A 235 Bowen, Jerry
10/21/2010 Overarm Router Overarm Router/Shaper GA 203-B 20" throat (from bit to yoke) 1960's Belanger, Nelson
06/08/2010 Grinder, Bench Bench Grinder 6" 20's ? 51273 Falcone, Robert
12/06/2009 Grinder, Bench Type 610 10" Unknown G30631E Marshall, Bob
09/15/2009 Drill Press Drill press, No. 533 B, Matt
02/02/2009 Overarm Router GA 203-B 1950's Cruz, Tony
02/01/2009 Grinder, Bench 6" Grinder, Model 622A 6" 1950's Williams, Thomas
01/11/2009 Shaper, Wood S-5 unknown 174 Thomas, Gary
12/25/2008 Grinder, Bench Pedestal Grinder 7" G1370C Gangl, Jason
01/04/2008 Grinder, Bench 7" Grinder, 3450 RPM, Type 257 7" late 50's G77898A Comperchio, Mike
08/16/2007 Shaper, Wood Table-top Router/Shaper Table 12x12 1930s Potts, Dave
04/10/2007 Shaper, Wood Model S5A Tilting Shaper 1940s-50s Potts, Dave
12/25/2006 Combo Machine Table saw/joiner/grinder Unknown Unknown C8545MA08572 Senkbeil, Frank
09/19/2006 Grinder, Bench Model 636-A 6" 1960s Lafleur, Alain
08/14/2006 Grinder, Bench Bench Grinder 10" 1960s Potts, Dave
03/15/2006 Grinder, Bench 8" 30's? 072393AB Leadabrand, Marc
04/16/2005 Overarm Router overarm router/shaper 20" throat Unknown Douthit, Todd
03/20/2004 Grinder, Bench Grinder on a stand, type 586 (ser: G 6038 F) 1/3-hp 1940s? Hunn, Peter
02/03/2003 Overarm Router GA 203B Overarm Router/Shaper 20" Throat 1960's (+/-) Potts, Dave