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Manufacturers Index - MacGregor, Gourlay Co.

MacGregor, Gourlay Co.
Galt, ON, Canada
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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Insert Date
09/25/2016 Lathe, Wood Gap Bed Wood lathe 24 to 58" 1920's Vogel, Olaf
08/19/2016 Combo Machine Not sure Mcmaster, Jim
06/18/2016 Lathe, Metal N/A 6 foot bed length N/A N/A from Guelph, Mark
01/04/2016 Planer, Wood Planer/Matcher 6"/24" Unkown Unknown Baker, Peter
01/04/2016 Lathe, Metal Metal Lathe approx.60" bed approx. 1900 Wagler, Tom
12/16/2015 Universal Trimmer miter trimmer unknown Lagueux, Jacques
11/17/2015 Molder No. 465 Sash Sticker Ca. 1910 (very approx.) Joslin, Jeff
03/28/2015 Molder Sash & Door Sticker 6" Approx. 1906? John, Colin
12/03/2014 Band Saw Post Mounted Bandsaw 30" ~1909 Vogel, Olaf
05/24/2014 Jointer Jointer Campbell, Doug
10/16/2013 Mortising Machine Gould pattern mortiser N/a Unknown Crossley, Ken
05/18/2013 Shaper, Metal ? 16 inch stroke ? ? Kemp, Barry
12/27/2012 Jointer JOINTER 16" 16 INCH EARLY 1900 Freniere, David
07/24/2012 Band Saw 36" Band saw 36" 1905 10924 Perreault, Louis-René
03/10/2012 Band Saw 27" post-mounted bandsaw 27" Joslin, Jeff
06/27/2011 Rip Saw multiple collar horizontal shaft saw Coambs, David
04/28/2011 Planer, Wood MacGregor, Gourlay Co. 24" planer @1890 n/a Bisaro, David
04/26/2011 Planer, Wood MacGregor & Gourlay track feed thickness planer 24" planer pre-1900 none Bisaro, David
03/19/2010 Planer, Wood 24" planer 24" 1900 (very approx) Joslin, Jeff
11/21/2009 Mortising Machine Model TG, bit sizes to 3/4" 1880-90 12544 Shaw, Art
10/13/2008 Mortising Machine sold by Cowan&Company of Galt,Galt Ont unknow DESILETS, MICHEL
08/04/2008 Jointer jointer 20" 1895 to 1905 lau, t
01/01/2008 Tenoning Machine Model OG with folding table support Cuts tenons to 6" long 1880-1910 Shaw, Art
11/24/2007 Tenoning Machine # 233 single end tenoner 1905 aprox Shaw, Art
11/24/2007 Universal Trimmer #224 miter chopper 1905 aprox Shaw, Art
11/24/2007 Table Saw rolling table cut-off saw 14" blade 1905 aprox Shaw, Art
11/23/2007 Band Saw Wood frame band saw 36" wheels 1900 aprox Shaw, Art
11/27/2006 Band Saw Band resaw 40" wheels 1880 to 1910 Shaw, Art
10/09/2004 Jointer 12'' 18'' by 87'' unknow Pelchat, Guy
09/25/2004 Shaper, Wood double head shaper 1¯ shaft 5hp 550volts unknow to me Pelchat, Guy
09/02/2004 Molder Planer Molder 24"x4 1902-1910 Hako-oja, Ty