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Manufacturers Index - P. Pryibil

P. Pryibil
New York, NY, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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Insert Date
12/17/2017 Shaper, Wood Buck shaper Medium 1900 Molloy, Patrick
08/10/2016 Lathe, Spinning metal spinning lathe unknown unknown unknown Wolf, David
08/10/2016 Lathe, Spinning sliding gap bed unknown unknown unknown Wolf, David
05/19/2016 Shaper, Wood double spindle #11 1 1/8" double spindles Roemmelt, Chris
04/12/2016 Table Saw P. Pryibil 16" unknown 2698 Alleman, Layne
04/10/2016 Lathe, Spinning spinning lathe 18" swing Thomas, William
04/10/2016 Lathe, Spinning Metal spinning 36x72 36x72 ? ? Tools
05/26/2014 Band Saw four leg 38"wheels 1888 unkown Behan, Jeff
03/10/2011 Molder wave machine 1890 biunno, joe
03/10/2011 Lathe, Wood twist lathe 1900 biunno, joe
03/09/2011 Lathe, Wood twist lathe 1900 biunno, joe
02/02/2010 Band Saw band saw haug, christian
01/08/2010 Jointer 12 inch jointer 12 inch app. 1900 unknown Coleman, Timothy
01/02/2010 Lathe, Wood #6 18" 1885 Parker, Jeff
01/02/2010 Lathe, Wood #5 14" 1885 Parker, Jeff
07/23/2008 Jointer Jointer 18" ? Kendrick, Joe
02/04/2008 Table Saw model Number 10 I think will take up to a 14"blade unknown no serial Kaiser, Jarred
11/22/2007 Table Saw 16" bench saw 16" blade 46 1/4" x 34 3/4" top 1866-1909 ? Boggs, Jim
08/05/2007 Lathe, Wood #4 12" swing 1890's Rogers, Donald
02/14/2007 Band Saw Shipsaw 36" Unknown R-605 Levine, Mike
02/10/2007 Table Saw Line Shaft Drive/Tilt Table 14" Blade 1890's to1915 ?????? unkown Behan, Jeff
05/10/2006 Band Saw #5 Bandsaw 32" Barnhart, Bill
02/28/2006 Jointer Round head, 2 knife jointer 18" Post 1874 Burks, Jeff
02/20/2006 Horizontal Boring Machine Dual Horizontal Boring Machine P. Pryibil 1920's or 30's?? Hobbs, John
11/17/2005 Horizontal Boring Machine Double spindle Pt 2 Natof, Lloyd
11/17/2005 Horizontal Boring Machine Double Spindle ? ? Natof, Lloyd
11/16/2005 Jig or Scroll Saw 36"Scroll Saw 36" !920's or 1930's Behan, Jeff
07/13/2004 Table Saw Tilt table with fence 16" post 1887 Marshall, Steve
04/15/2004 Band Saw Bandsaw w/unusual rail casting ~36" post 1880 Poore, Kirk
04/14/2004 Planer, Wood Pony planer Joslin, Jeff
01/01/2004 Lathe, Wood Lathe 26" Swing 1890's Rogers, Donald
07/21/2003 Lathe, Wood Lathe ? Fred, Schooner
06/15/2003 Jointer Round head, 2 knife jointer 18" Jointer Post 1887 Smith, Evan