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Manufacturers Index - Onsrud Machine Works, Inc.

Onsrud Machine Works, Inc.
Niles, IL; Chicago, IL; Wheeling, IL, U.S.A.
Company Website: http://www.advancedtech.com/
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery, Metal Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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Insert Date
06/21/2018 Other Danly Machine Specialties Inc. crate pre-1985 Richardson, William
01/23/2016 Overarm Router W265 24" table 1940s? 1446 B, john
04/30/2012 Overarm Router W113-E direct drive 25" throat early 1950s ? 10188 Kerns, Bill
12/22/2011 Overarm Router W 1124 A Ziobro, Rob
05/10/2011 Shaper, Wood W-200 1 1/8" spindle ? Missing Hoelzeman, George R.
11/29/2010 Other Air Router Warner, Daniel
09/13/2010 Overarm Router Overarm router with direct drive motor 25" throat Unknown, maybe post 1940 None Poore, Kirk
07/21/2010 Overarm Router w240 24" 4490 Warner, Daniel
02/16/2010 Overarm Router RO-117H 1976 10032 Benavidez, Dave
04/25/2009 Shaper, Wood W-200 5hp 2 speed, 1 1/8" shaft 4032 Hoelzeman, George R.
02/02/2009 Shaper, Wood Onsrud W-200 single spindle shaper 1 1/8" spindle unknown Thomas, William
09/10/2008 Overarm Router RO-117 unknown Thomas, Gary
12/27/2007 Overarm Router 240 D 24" ? ? Tools
11/16/2007 Shaper, Wood W-200 Shaper Router 1 1/8" Spindle Unknown F, A
09/19/2007 Overarm Router W180 18" throat 1/4" collett ? 4807 Page, James
06/25/2007 Shaper, Wood W248 single spindle shaper 1-1/4" single spindle unknown Burian, Mike
04/29/2007 Shaper, Wood single spindle/ W200 1"spindle/6" under the nut unkown #3508 Behan, Jeff
12/11/2006 Shaper, Wood W200 Unknown 4032 F, A
11/17/2005 Overarm Router W244E Natof, Lloyd
11/16/2004 Overarm Router W-1124 Overarm Router. pneumaticly accuated 24" throat N/A Warner, Daniel
02/24/2004 Overarm Router type W244 large june 23, 1953 Baker, Harvey
01/31/2004 Overarm Router Onsrud Pin Router Dominguez, Frank
01/22/2004 Shaper, Wood W-200 1 1/8" single spindle unknown Clement, Phil
12/11/2003 Shaper, Wood W-200 1 1/8" X 5" spindle ?? Thomas, William