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Manufacturers Index - Max Manufacturing Co.

Max Manufacturing Co.
San Jose, CA; Jenison, MI, U.S.A.
Company Website: http://www.tannewitz.com/
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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Mfg. Date
04/28/2005 Sander Oscillating spindle sander Grunden, Tim
09/01/2006 Sander Max 24" disc sander 24" 24SDP-594 Preston, Jon
08/19/2008 Sander Oscillating spindle sander Messick, Jesse
10/16/2008 Sander 24" disc sander 24" 87.179 Howarth, Frank
05/01/2014 Sander VS1 Spindle Sander Stettner, Raymond
09/30/2011 Sander OVS Downie, John
07/04/2013 Sander VS-1 sander Sullivan, Jay
12/06/2015 Sander VSI Oscillating Spindle Sander Bregar, George
05/31/2018 Sander Max Universal 18" 18" Griffith, Larry
10/13/2016 Sander VS1 Jimenez, Omar
03/12/2015 Sander VSI Oscillating Spindle Sander Fay, Simon
04/01/2015 Sander Max OVS Oscillating Spindle Sander C, M
09/17/2017 Planer, Wood M_-24 24" Deumling, Reuben
03/11/2018 Other Acme Bench Model Saw Filer P, Bob
05/31/2018 Sander Oscillating Spindle Sander Floor Model Griffith, Larry
02/22/2005 Sander Max VS-1 Oscillating Spindle Sander VS-1 ? Shetler, Tim
02/22/2009 Sander Max Spindle Sander Dust Collector ? ? Germano, Jeff
06/02/2012 Planer, Wood wood planer model MF-135 13 1/2" X 6" 1960s? 37 Ahrenholtz, Larry
02/12/2009 Sander Max OVS Oscillating Spindle Sander 1969 VS 377 Patterson, Eric
02/27/2015 Sander VS-1 Spindle Sander 1970's VS-1260 Johnson, Dan
12/31/2010 Sander Disk Sander 16" 1970's or 1980's ? ? Flohr, Chuck
07/07/2011 Other Acme Junior #725 8" 1978 725 Darisse, Marc
11/11/2009 Sander Industrial Disk Sander 12" Direct Drive Disk Sader 1980 0270657 Carroccio, Pablo
04/18/2007 Sander VS1 Oscillating Spindle Sander 1986 M86167 Palsulich, Bruce
07/31/2017 Sander 16" Disc Sander 16" 1990'S ? Unknown Erdman, Jeff
12/13/2016 Sander 36 SD 36" 1991 91304 Cloonan, Patrick
03/27/2011 Sander Max OVS Oscillating Spindle Sander Abt. 1985 85108 Rosengarten, Jim
04/05/2015 Other Circular Saw Sharpener Model 104-31 April 1952 Based on Patent number P, Bob
08/31/2014 Sander VS1 Spindle sander around 1978 VS1910 Gagnon, Mario
11/18/2004 Planer, Wood Max Forsberg Planer Model M-16 16-inch ca. 1960's Fisher, Eduardo
11/24/2004 Planer, Wood Max Forsberg Planer Model MF-135 13 1/2 inch ca. 1960's Fisher, Eduardo
05/23/2010 Sander VS1 Post 1980 86040 Hyde, Joe
04/18/2007 Sander 16-SD Disc Sander 16" pre 1986 16SD-1158 Palsulich, Bruce
03/21/2014 Other Hand Saw Filer Unk Unk P, Bob
10/27/2012 Sander Universal Sander/Grinder 16" unknown Nance, Bill
06/11/2013 Sander Disc Sander 16" Unknown Unknown Guss, Andy
03/26/2017 Sander Disk Sander 14" unknown not noted jones, harris
10/17/2016 Sander 16 in bench model 16 in unknown unknown Brown, Gary
05/12/2007 Sander 16" disk sander 16" Unknown 1155 (maybe) Clavin, Daniel
11/26/2009 Planer, Wood 24" 24" x 8" unknown unknown King, Lee
11/17/2018 Sander 30-SD Disc Sander/Grinder 30" Sander/Grinder Unknown Unknown Scheuzger, Thomas