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Manufacturers Index - Witherby, Rugg & Richardson
Photo Index
The Vintage Machinery Photo Index is a place where members of this site can submit photos of old woodworking machinery. The Index is a valuable resource in that visitors to this site can see examples of machinery made by many different manufacturers.

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Insert Date
05/03/2018 Lathe, Wood Wooden-bed lathe 13 inch 1880’s None Martinez, Randy
03/30/2018 Lathe, Wood Witherby, Rugg & Richardson Lathe 20” by 10’ ? 1900 (?) Downing, John
02/13/2018 Lathe, Wood Whitherby Rugg Richardson 13” diameter 1880’s None Martinez, Randy
02/06/2018 Universal Trimmer Miter Trimmer unknown Davis, Dan
02/11/2017 Universal Trimmer Eastmans Patent Picture Frame Machine 1880 None Naylor, Gary
11/27/2016 Jointer 12" buzz planer 12" c1900 na Megan, Tom
10/06/2014 Planer, Wood Three sided planer Large Unknown Cannot find. Wolfe, Walter
07/12/2014 Universal Trimmer upright - foot powered 1890s? Campbell, Benjamin
12/28/2013 Jointer 12" jointer 12 inch Late 1800's NA Leibowitz, Richard
09/17/2013 Rip Saw circular resaw Late 1860s early 70s Campbell, Benjamin
05/20/2013 Table Saw Wood Frame Saw 12" late 19th C Kuist, Tim
03/26/2013 Mortising Machine Mortiser 1860 unknown Benavidez, Dave
12/12/2012 Planer, Wood 24" x 6" wood planer,babbitt bearing, 24"/ 2 blade 1850-1900 ? unk baker, robert
04/18/2010 Universal Trimmer Miter Trimmer Late 1800's 1308? Gangl, Jason
09/16/2009 Table Saw 16" Tilt Top 16" 1900 +/- None Champagne, Robert
08/30/2009 Table Saw Double Saw Bench 2 x 12" Late 1800s Konola, Jukka
03/21/2009 Lathe, Wood Lathe 48" est 1890 na Pinson, Eddie
01/21/2007 Band Saw Model No. 2 36" Late 1800s Lial, Scott
10/10/2006 Drill Press wooden post mount 1-5/16" spindle 9' tall 1880's none Haire, Patrick
06/13/2006 Jointer 18 inch jointer 18" Late 1800s Johnson, Travis
09/09/2005 Band Saw Model # 1 36" Late 1800's Fred, Schooner
06/28/2005 Mortising Machine Vertical and well made large 1880 + or - Campbell, Benjamin
02/20/2005 Tenoning Machine Single end sash tenoner 1870s? Shaw, Art
06/30/2003 Tenoning Machine Tenoning machine Ca. 1870-1880 Joslin, Jeff
06/15/2003 Planer, Wood 24" 24" Late 1800's likely Kempkes, John