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Manufacturers Index - Beach Manufacturing Co.
Photo Index
The Vintage Machinery Photo Index is a place where members of this site can submit photos of old woodworking machinery. The Index is a valuable resource in that visitors to this site can see examples of machinery made by many different manufacturers.

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Insert Date
09/21/2018 Table Saw 10A swinging arbor 20in. blade 1970 70 n 07 Johnson, Darryl
02/27/2018 Shaper, Wood Single Axis Wood Shaper 2 HP 1 1/4 spindle Circa 1947 54D19 Catizone, Daniel
12/01/2017 Sander Hand Block Belt Sander 2 hp 3 phase 6x300" belt 47121 Coomer, Gary
02/03/2017 Other Table Saw Miter Davis, Dan
10/06/2016 Table Saw Beach Manufacturing Co. 16 inch Dual Arbor Table Saw 16" Crosscut blade and 16" Ripping Blade 1890's Shop No. 1038 Zemo, Jon
10/06/2016 Table Saw Beach Manufacturing Co. 16" dual arbor Table Saw 16" 1890's Shop No 1038 Zemo, Jon
07/12/2016 Sander Brush Head sander 24" Stup, Barry
02/17/2015 Shaper, Wood Shaper 5hp, 1" spindle Incognito, Paul
04/02/2014 Table Saw Trim Saw Circa 1900-1920 7013 Birkhead, Roger
01/17/2014 Table Saw Sliding top table saw Shop # 58A15 Leis, Dan
12/25/2013 Shaper, Wood 305 3 HP ? n/a Kready, Jeff
12/15/2011 Table Saw Table Saw 18" 1890ish crain, john
12/15/2011 Table Saw Large Saw Direct Drive 5hp 16" Late 1970's Page, James
04/13/2011 Sander 42" Double Drum Sander Nave, Wendy
04/13/2011 Table Saw Beach Tablesaw with side mortising machine BIG Nave, Wendy
01/28/2009 Sander Stroke Sander 6"x360" 62D04 Myers, Brian
01/18/2009 Shaper, Wood BHS (big honkin' shaper) 1" spindle Hall, Robert
12/08/2008 Rip Saw Large Rip Saw ? ? ? James, CPeter
09/28/2008 Table Saw Rolling Cut-Off Saw 12"- 24" Blade Capability Early 1900's Zemo, Jon
07/23/2008 Other Beach wood framed cut off saw Warner, Daniel
12/08/2007 Sander Stroke Sander 6" x 360" (Officially) 1972 (?) 72D01 Hoelzeman, George R.
07/20/2007 Table Saw No. 1 12" 1900?? Fitzgerald, Tom
03/22/2007 Shaper, Wood 3/4" Spindle 2Hp. 3Ph. Page, James
10/16/2006 Table Saw rolling table cutoff 14" ca. 1910 shop#9710 Haire, Patrick
03/20/2006 Sander Beach Dual Drum Oscillating Sander 42" Unknown F, A
02/28/2006 Sander Oscilating Drum Sander/65Y19 42" ?1965? 2668 Lee, Joshua
06/08/2005 Table Saw Large Table Saw 16 " 1940's - 1950 's St. Lawrence, Patrick
06/08/2005 Sander Oscilating Drum Sander 48 " 1946 St. Lawrence, Patrick
06/15/2004 Table Saw Beach 18" Table Saw 18" Uncertain Clement, Phil
02/27/2004 Sander Dual Drum Sander 42" ? Grunden, Tim
02/04/2004 Mortising Machine Beach Mortiser Unknown Rashash, Omar
01/16/2004 Jig or Scroll Saw rafter-mount scroll saw unlimited unknown Burian, Mike
01/07/2004 Shaper, Wood 1 in. spindle 1 in. spindle unknown Vaughan, Robert M.
12/07/2003 Other Beach Swing Saw 8' high 1950s? Schell, JK
06/15/2003 Sander Beach dual drum sander 38" x 6" ?(serial # 67LO2) Smith, Evan
06/15/2003 Sander 220v, single phase,Dual drum sander 38"x6" ?(serial #77UO2) Smith, Evan
01/29/2003 Table Saw No. 1 Joslin, Jeff