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Manufacturers Index - Levi Houston Co.
Photo Index
The Vintage Machinery Photo Index is a place where members of this site can submit photos of old woodworking machinery. The Index is a valuable resource in that visitors to this site can see examples of machinery made by many different manufacturers.

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There are currently 14 Photo Index submissions for this manufacturer.

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Insert Date
06/29/2012 Tenoning Machine Sliding Table Tenoner 5 head ~1880 None Poore, Kirk
12/10/2009 Molder 4 head molder 6" 1878 Shene, Charlie
04/16/2009 Molder four cutter head 7" Late 1880's? Birkhead, Roger
11/21/2006 Molder sticker / 4 head top head 7" ptd'd 1878 none Haire, Patrick
10/23/2006 Other Swing saw / pendulum saw 16"+ 1890's 1884 pat. none Haire, Patrick
10/16/2006 Mortising Machine Power Mortiser 96" tall 1883 -- 1897 Hall, Billy
10/16/2006 Mortising Machine Power Reciprocating Chisel Mortiser sometime after 1873 unknown Hall, Billy
12/22/2005 Tenoning Machine Single End Tenoner Top & Bottom Tenon &Trim 1890's Behan, Jeff
12/22/2005 Mortising Machine Hollow Chisel Mortiser 1/4" to 1" 1880's or 1890's Behan, Jeff
04/22/2005 Mortising Machine Mortiser unknown unknown Scolaro, Anthony
11/08/2004 Other Swing saw Counterweight Unknown after 1885 Potts, Dave
07/16/2004 Tenoning Machine Tenoner unknown unknown Natof, Lloyd
06/14/2003 Molder 4 Sided Molder Est. 12" x 4" Unknown Kempkes, John
03/02/2003 Molder 6"x4" Moulder/Sticker 6"x4" 1875 Kenfield, Paul