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Manufacturers Index - Hardinge Brothers

Hardinge Brothers
Chicago, IL; Elmira, NY, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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09/18/2010 Lathe, Metal Hardinge Lathe 61012 F, A
09/19/2010 Lathe, Metal Hardinge Lathe F, A
09/19/2010 Lathe, Metal Hardinge Lathe F, A
09/19/2010 Lathe, Metal Hardinge Lathe 96093 F, A
09/19/2010 Lathe, Metal Hardinge Lathe 61013 F, A
09/19/2010 Lathe, Metal Hardinge Lathe 61014 F, A
08/17/2011 Lathe, Metal Cataract Turret Lathe 9" ?? 13371 Wiggins, Michael
12/28/2011 Lathe, Metal Cataract Bench Lathe 7" x 15" 1920's? ? Aoun, Charles
06/29/2013 Lathe, Metal bench top lathe Wiggins, Michael
07/10/2013 Lathe, Metal Hardinge Cataract 9" Swing Lathe 1920's VanLeeuwen, Thomas
04/15/2015 Lathe, Metal HLV-H 9 x 18 1969 HLV-H 3958 Romeo, Charlie
06/02/2015 Lathe, Metal DSM-59 1967 Romeo, Charlie
08/26/2016 Mill, Horizontal Hardinge TM Small 1946 24340 Clark, TJ
01/18/2018 Mill, Horizontal TM horizontal mill 1943 199 31 Dezi, Sherm
09/17/2010 Mill, Horizontal TM UM small Warner, Daniel
01/04/2014 Mill, Horizontal BB4 12" table, 4C collets 1943 47-20243 Crombe, John
09/19/2010 Mill, Vertical Hardinge Mill 96021 F, A
12/21/2018 Mill, Vertical Hardinge Milling machine 60" x 36" x 24" Approx 1945 Belennets, Dan
02/08/2019 Mill, Vertical Cataract Bench Mill P, Bob