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Manufacturers Index - R. McDougall Co. Ltd.

R. McDougall Co. Ltd.
Galt, ON, Canada
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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Insert Date
06/19/2017 Lathe, Metal McDougall 9" 30s Sloane, Sam
03/29/2017 Lathe, Metal R. McMacdougall Co Ltd Metal Lathe 20 inch swing 1920-1930 ? Gareau, Georges
03/05/2017 Lathe, Metal McDougall "War Finish" Gearhead 20"x102" est ~39-45 3439 Hickox, Beecher
06/22/2016 Drill Press Camel Back Drill Press Lagueux, Jacques
08/30/2014 Drill Press Drill press "Camel Back" 15"? not known unknown Karas, Peter
01/01/2014 Lathe, Metal Metal Lathe 12-14" late 40's, possibly 50's - Karas, Peter
01/01/2014 Lathe, Metal McDougall Lathe 12" 1940's ? _ Karas, Peter
03/23/2013 Lathe, Metal 12"-14" Lathe 12", possibly 14" 1940's -1950's (est) - Karas, Peter
03/12/2013 Lathe, Metal Small Lathe 9" 9" 1930-1940 est. - Karas, Peter
03/09/2013 Lathe, Metal McDougall Lathe 16", possibly larger 1940's -1950's (est) - Karas, Peter
03/09/2013 Lathe, Metal 12"-14" Lathe 12"-14" Late 40's early fifties. - Karas, Peter
03/01/2013 Lathe, Metal 9" 9" 1940's -1950's (est) - Karas, Peter
03/01/2013 Lathe, Metal DT-50 10" 1950's est. Karas, Peter
01/03/2013 Lathe, Metal Gap Bed Lathe 16" x 9' 1920's- 1930's - Karas, Peter
12/27/2012 Lathe, Metal McDougall Lathe 20"x 12' Gap Bed. 1930's est. - Karas, Peter
10/23/2012 Lathe, Metal 12" Lathe "L50" 12" x 30" (approx) - - Karas, Peter
09/30/2012 Lathe, Metal 12" Metal Lathe 12" x 30" 1930's ish not Known Karas, Peter
02/07/2012 Lathe, Metal Toolroom lathe 6" (12")X 30" C. 1931-1935 Barrett, Bill