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User Name: pfs
Real Name: Paul Schaffner
Location: Saline, MI, , United States
Occupation: librarian/etext prod. mgr
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Homepage: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~pfs/
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Date Joined:  11/04/2005
tool-sorter and -cleaner, Ann Arbor Kiwanis Thrift Sale


Early American Industries Assoc (http://www.eaiainfo.org/)
MidWest Tool Collectors Assoc (http://www.mwtca.org)
Tools & Trades History Society (http://www.taths.org.uk/)
Missouri Valley Wrench Club (http://www.mvwc.org/)
Collectors of Rare and Familiar Tools (http://www.craftsofnj.org/)
Machinery Owned
Atlas Press-PowerKing jig/scroll saw ca. 1950
Delta #20A "Multiplex" radial-arm saw ca. 1958
Delta Unisaw 10" table saw ca. 1940? s/n K548 3/4 hp 3ph
PowerKing belt/disk sander
Walker-Turner "Driver" (floor-standing) drill press ca. 1934
Walker-Turner "Driver" 4" jointer
Walker-Turner "Driver" 1/2" and 1/4" arbor spindle shaper
Walker-Turner "Driver" lathe
Walker-Turner "Driver" 12" band saw ?model Bn730 ?ca. 1938
Craftsman 10" table saw (1950s?) on pedestal stand.
Tomlee model 34 10" table saw ca. 1952?
Delta "Homecraft" 8" tilt-table bench saw s/n 51-8077 ca. 1951?
Shopmaster all-aluminum 8" tilt-table bench saw ca. 1950??
Craftsman (King-Seeley) 8" bench-top saw (1950s?)
Sears-Roebuck "Dunlap" (King-Seeley?) 7" bench-top tilt-table saw (1940s?)
UNKNOWN MAKE (possibly owner-made?) bench-top drill press, framed in steel stampings
Craftsman sander model 103.0801 (8" disk, 4"x36" belt) ca. 1940?
Atlas Press 12" x 36" wood lathe model 7-122 (s/n 009050) ca. 1945-1955? w/ original 1/2HP motor and original no. 9010 stand.
Atlas Press 10" bandsaw model 9360 ?1950s
Atkins model 50 JS-A "3-in-1" (miniature) 12" jigsaw and 2-1/2" disk sander
Craftsman model 110.27500 vibrator-motor type jigsaw
Sigourney Tool (sold by Pratt and Whitney) 'sensitive drilling machine' i.e. floor-standing drill press
Craftsman (mfd by Welliver & Sons) 'drill press' (i.e. drill stand) model 335.25986 for pipe-handled 1/2" drills
Babco drill stand model 945 for 1/4" drills
Goodell-Pratt no. 125 bench lathe (missing faceplate/chuck and tool rest).
Dumore 16-011 sensitive drill press (miniature drill press for precision work) (60s or 70s?)
Delta Specialty 'American Scroll Saw' (hand-cranked or motorized) late 20s?
South Bend 9 x 36 Model A precision bench lathe
South Bend 9 x 36 Model C precision bench lathe
Sears-Dunlap (King-Seeley) 12" jigsaw model 103-2179[0]
Dunlap benchtop drill press
Delta power mortiser
Photo Index Submission by this Member
This member has submitted 21 Photo Index entries
14800 07/11/2016 Walker-Turner Co., Inc. Band Saw "Driver" line, 700 series, ?model BN730 ca. 1935-1938
15931 03/26/2013 Sears | Dunlap Table Saw 103.0214 tilt-table saw 1940s?
13617 01/29/2012 Sears | Craftsman Sander 103.0801 disk/belt sander ca. 1940?
17752 04/21/2014 Sears | Dunlap Jig or Scroll Saw 103.2179[0] ca. 1950?
9728 07/19/2010 Sears | Craftsman Table Saw 113.27520 on pedestal stand 1950s
13450 12/13/2011 Sears | Craftsman Drill Press 335.25986 drill stand c. 1955-1980
3428 12/07/2010 Atlas Press Co. Jig or Scroll Saw 4011 ca. 1950?
3419 03/01/2016 Power King Tool Corp. Sander 5010 disk and belt sander mid 1940s?
16525 07/10/2013 South Bend Lathe Works Lathe, Metal 9" Model A 1943
16524 07/08/2013 Delta Specialty Co. Jig or Scroll Saw American Scroll Saw late 1920s?
16403 06/17/2013 Goodell-Pratt Co. Lathe, Wood Model 125 bench lathe
16417 06/18/2013 Wisconsin Electric Co./Dumore Co. Drill Press Model 16-011 sensitive drill press
10614 10/19/2010 Tomlee Tool & Engineering Co. Table Saw Model 34 ca. 1952?
13056 10/13/2011 Allen L. Atkins & Co. Combo Machine Model 50 "3-in-1" jigsaw / disk sander 1950
3431 01/05/2006 Walker-Turner Co., Inc. Drill Press Model D921 1934-1935
3432 11/08/2005 Walker-Turner Co., Inc. Shaper, Wood Model S515 1934
3427 11/07/2005 Delta Manufacturing Co. Radial Arm Saw Multiplex 20-A ca. 1958?
11141 09/12/2010 Delta Manufacturing Co. Table Saw No.34-160 "Home Craft" tilt-table table saw ca. 1946-1952?
13207 10/19/2011 Sigourney Tool Co. Drill Press Sensitive drilling machine, single spindle, floor model 1910, plus or minus 30 years
11304 01/03/2012 Shopmaster, Inc. Table Saw tilt-table bench-top saw, model CS-100. ca. 1950
3429 11/07/2005 Delta Manufacturing Co. Table Saw Unisaw ca.1940?
Publication Submission by this Member
This member has submitted 3 Publication Reprints
Most Recent Publication Reprint Submissions:
Manufacturer Pub Type Publication
Allen L. Atkins & Co. Scroll/Jig Saws Allen L. Atkins 3-in-1 jig saw asembly instructions [etc.] 12 Pages, Publication Date: 1950
Walker-Turner Co., Inc. Shapers Instruction sheet for "Driver" Type SS Spindle Shaper 1 Pages, Publication Date: 1935 (Est.)
Burgess Vibrocrafters, Inc. Scroll/Jig Saws J-98 BVI Electric Workshop Owners Manual 8 Pages, Publication Date: 1956