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Manufacturers Index - Portable Electric Tools, Inc.
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Registered the "Shopcraft" name, with a first use of 1958. At some point the Shopcraft name registration switched to Benchmark Tool Co.

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Portable Electric Tools, Inc. manufactured a few products for Sears, Roebuck; their products carried model-number prefix 626.

Information Sources

  • The September 1948 issue of Popular Mechanics has a small display ad for electric drills from "Portable Electric Tools, Inc. / 255-59 W. 79th Street, Chicago 20, Ill."
  • The December 1949 issue of Popular Mechanics has an ad for Zephyr handheld power tools from "Portable Electric Tools, Inc. / 324 West 83rd Street, Chicago 20, Illinois". The December 1951 issue is similar, but adds, "In Canada: Portable Electric Tools, Ltd., 369 Danforth Rd., Toronto 13, Ontario". The March 1960 issue has an ad with a wider array of tools, and the Canadian address has change to "452 Birchmount Rd., Toronto 13, Ont."
  • The November 1958 issue of Popular Mechanics has an ad for a Shopmate 3/8" handheld drill. "Portable Electric Tools, Inc. 320 West 83rd Street Chicago 20, Illinois".
  • The May 1959 issue of Popular Mechanics has a writeup on a radial arm saw that uses a handheld circular saw as its power source, from "Portable Electric Tools, Inc., 340 W. 83rd St., Chicago". The October 1960 issue has a full-page ad for the "New Ultra Precision Radial Arm & 7-inch Portable Saw from SHOPMATE"; the radial arm saw uses any 7" handheld circular saw. The address is given as 320 West 83rd Street, Chicago.
  • The August 1965 issue of Popular Mechanics has a brief writeup on a Dremel-style tool from "Portable Electric Tools, Inc., 1200 East State St., Geneva, Ill."
  • The November 1967 issue of Popular Mechanics has a writeup on a sheet sander. The company name is given as just, "Portable Electric Tools", 1200 East State Street.
  • A correspondent reports a Shopcraft drill labeled, "Portable Electric Tool Division of G. W. Murphy Industries, Inc." In 1972, the power tool line of G. W. Murphy was acquired by McGraw-Edison Co.
  • Another correspondent reports a "Shopmate 7-inch clutch saw" - a handheld circular saw. Yet another reports a Shopmate radial arm saw.
  • Correspondent Bonnie Baker-Jones reports that her father, John L. Baker, was CEO of PET. He and Al Miller started the company in Chicago IL.