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Manufacturers Index - G. W. Murphy Industries, Inc.

G. W. Murphy Industries, Inc.
Geneva, IL; Houston, TX, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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This firm was in business from 1935, and perhaps earlier. Their Portable Electric Tool Division made the Shopcraft line of woodworking machinery. That division was most likely created through an acquisition, since Portable Electric Tools, Inc. first registered the Shopcraft name (in 1958). The registration later shifted to Benchmark Tool Co., and thence to G. W. Murphy Industries.

In 1972 the Shopcraft line was acquired by McGraw-Edison Co.

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Information Sources

  • A correspondent reports a Shopcraft drill labeled, "Portable Electric Tool Division of G. W. Murphy Industries, Inc."
  • An article on handheld belt sanders in the October 1969 issue of Popular Science lists a sander from "Portable Electric Tools". A footnote indicates, "Div. of G. W. Murphy Ind."
  • The March 1970 Popular Mechanics had a full-page ad for Shopmate handheld power tools. In fine print at the bottom of the ad it said, "G. W. Murphy Industries / Portable Electric Tools Division".
  • A history of Toastmaster toasters notes that in 1972, the power tool line of G. W. Murphy was acquired by McGraw-Edison Co.
  • Purdue University library's online index lists annual reports for this company spanning 1935-1967.