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Manufacturers Index - Kearney & Trecker Co.

Kearney & Trecker Co.
Milwaukee, WI, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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The Vintage Machinery Photo Index is a place where members of this site can submit photos of old woodworking machinery. The Index is a valuable resource in that visitors to this site can see examples of machinery made by many different manufacturers.

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Insert Date
03/14/2019 Mill, Horizontal 2hl universal 1943 Goleman, Michael
03/12/2019 Mill, Horizontal 2hl universal 1943 Goleman, Michael
03/01/2019 Horizontal Boring Machine Kearney & Trecker 5HP Type N254 64 x 13.5 table, 50 taper 1950's R823625 DeMeo, Angela
02/23/2019 Other Kearney & Trecker Milwaukee-Matic Turn 12 Tuesday February 25th, 1969 photograph Malott, Mike
10/27/2018 Combo Machine Milwaukee Matic Turn 12 ~1972 Feich, Richard
10/26/2018 Mill, Horizontal Model 2HL #2, table 9 x 46" 1940± 212859 Doak, John
08/31/2018 Other K & T 8" Milling Vise 8" Unknown Unknown Schmidt, Steven
08/23/2018 Mill, Horizontal 2HL plain 1943 9-3987 Hoelzen, Chuck
03/26/2018 Mill, Horizontal K&T Model 2CE Horizontal Mill 3 hp 04/1955 13 7458 Williams, Mark
01/18/2018 Mill, Horizontal 2HL Universal 5HP Mill March 1947 19-5571 Yzquierdo, Bob
10/31/2017 Mill, Vertical 2D Rotary Head 21-6824 Murray, Dylan
06/22/2017 Mill, Vertical Model H Overhead Arm Milling Machine 9x42" 1942 DiBlasi, James
05/01/2017 Mill, Horizontal Model 2H Universal 1943 94-4064 Pennington, Jesse
08/30/2016 Mill, Vertical Milwaukee model 2H 2H 1942 10-3652 Bullock, Robert
08/07/2016 Mill, Horizontal 2HL Universal 9x46 October 1945 19-5249 Kozak, Greg
06/07/2015 Mill, Vertical 2H Vertical Warner, Daniel
04/19/2015 Mill, Horizontal Kearney & Trecker Special 2b plain #2 plain 1931 35-1611 Sasich, Michael
04/12/2015 Mill, Horizontal K & T Model 2CH Horizontal Mill 5HP 12" X 50" Table November 1957 9-8413 Schmidt, Steven
04/12/2015 Mill, Vertical K & T Model 2D Rotary Head Milling Machine 30" x 16" Table September 1952 1-6612 Schmidt, Steven
02/20/2015 Mill, Horizontal #1B Universal Horizontal Mill #1 1928 80-1338 Sasich, Michael
02/19/2015 Mill, Horizontal Orion Series 630 and 800mm Table Late 80's Unknown Moore, Terry
02/19/2015 Mill, Horizontal Moduline & 5X Versions 72"x60" Mid to late 80's Unknown Moore, Terry
02/19/2015 Mill, Horizontal MM1015 18" Pallet Mid to late 80's Unknown Moore, Terry
02/19/2015 Mill, Vertical Milwaukee-Matic Series III Unknown Unknown Moore, Terry
01/19/2015 Mill, Horizontal Special Horizontal Mill Unknown Unknown Schmidt, Steven
05/15/2014 Mill, Vertical K & T Model 2D Rotary Head Milling Machine Unknown Unknown Schmidt, Steven
05/09/2012 Mill, Horizontal Model H 13-6392 P, Bob
05/09/2012 Mill, Vertical Model D 58-1006-03-0 P, Bob
09/17/2011 Mill, Vertical 2-D Rotary Head Mill 1968 58-1000-09 Pardue, Phillip
11/01/2010 Mill, Horizontal 2H universal 2H February of 1940 11-2753 Heath, Jeff
09/19/2010 Mill, Horizontal Model 205 S-12 F, A
09/17/2010 Mill, Horizontal No. 2H 42 inch table travel x 9 y 1941 Warner, Daniel