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Manufacturers Index - Consolidated Machinery & Supply Co., Ltd.

Consolidated Machinery & Supply Co., Ltd.
Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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The Vintage Machinery Photo Index is a place where members of this site can submit photos of old woodworking machinery. The Index is a valuable resource in that visitors to this site can see examples of machinery made by many different manufacturers.

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There are currently 18 Photo Index submissions for this manufacturer.

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Insert Date
09/09/2019 Radial Arm Saw Comet Cub UBA Early 50's PG2179 Young, Lane
01/20/2019 Radial Arm Saw Comet Cub 1950's Fadjo, Travis
09/17/2018 Radial Arm Saw K-9 Late 1930s? 508 Deumling, Reuben
02/27/2017 Radial Arm Saw UBB 8" SC3948 sugg, Mike
12/14/2016 Jointer early w/ infeed-mounted fence 6" 1930s? 772 Deumling, Reuben
01/03/2015 Radial Arm Saw Comet Junior JRA 14 inch Early 1950s SE 3779 Petty, Chuck
08/14/2014 Shaper, Wood Bench Shaper 1" 40's ? 569 Crane, Tim
03/23/2014 Radial Arm Saw Comet Cub 9" 1950's MT439 Bregar, George
03/10/2013 Radial Arm Saw UBC 9" Radial Arm Saw mid to late 50's TA-4664 Nybo, Rob
02/04/2013 Radial Arm Saw Comet Cub / radial arm saw 9" mid 50's NJ 971 Nybo, Rob
05/10/2011 Radial Arm Saw Comet Radial Arm Saw UBD 9" TL5190 Clayton, Eric
11/27/2010 Radial Arm Saw Comet Radial Power Saw / Model No. UBB 9 Inch 1950s RF3233 Whitlock, Shane
10/07/2010 Radial Arm Saw Comet Quick-set Dado 6-1/4 " 1950's Moseley, Pat
07/21/2010 Radial Arm Saw Comet Clipper model CLB 16 inch (told 1956) SN# MK3172 Paine, Robert
06/20/2007 Radial Arm Saw JBB - Comet 8" Radial Arm Saw 8" QJ2839 Rogers, Jim
08/30/2004 Radial Arm Saw Comet CLSX 20" ? Grunden, Tim
07/01/2004 Radial Arm Saw Comet, UBB 8 1/4" Scothorn, John
07/23/2003 Radial Arm Saw Radial arm saw Joslin, Jeff