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Manufacturers Index - Parks Ball Bearing Machine Co.

Parks Ball Bearing Machine Co.
Cincinnati, OH, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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Insert Date
07/17/2017 Combo Machine Parks Ball Bearing Co. Large 1917 Molloy, Patrick
06/05/2016 Combo Machine parks 7 in one large 40? Messner, Michael
04/11/2016 Combo Machine A-87 planing mill special large 1910 Messner, Michael
07/12/2015 Mortising Machine unknown n/a 1920-40 none Shaw, Art
05/17/2015 Planer, Wood Parks 20 Planer 20" 1960 20281 Brown, Jim
04/05/2014 Combo Machine Big Six No. B-115 -1904- None P, Bob
11/10/2013 Band Saw Manual Trainer 12 1925 Bates, Bill
01/30/2013 Combo Machine Parks & Sons Sawmill 1909 Klimut, John
08/28/2011 Band Saw Bandsaw / "Rex" 18inch 18" catalog C page 12 unknown Crabb, Martin
01/07/2011 Mortising Machine C-135 Upright Rapid Hollow Chisel Pedal Mortiser 3 inch ( 6" if work is reversed) 1920'ish TBD Germain, John
03/23/2010 Mortising Machine Upright Rapid Hollow Chisel Pedal Mortiser 3" early 1900's Bogner, Jim
01/20/2010 Band Saw 30" bandsaw 30" unknown unknown Hanson, Russell
09/07/2009 Combo Machine Buckeye / 12 inch Table saw,12 inch jointer,22 inch bandsaw,4 inch jointer,horizontal boring machin Unknown Aprox 1910 to 1915 Unknown SMITH, DON
11/22/2007 Mortising Machine New Rapid? has chisels to 3/4" and brace bit adapter ? ? Boggs, Jim
04/06/2007 Band Saw century 30 30" 1918? unknown Cruz, Tony
09/28/2006 Band Saw Century (I. D. from Catalog on this site) 30" 1880's or 1890's None found Olson, Eric
05/19/2006 Combo Machine Parks Combo Machine medium 1910?? Orvis, John
02/23/2006 Combo Machine Band saw , Table saw, 20 inch band saw, 8 inch rip saw about 1900 none Tabor, Michael
05/22/2005 Mortising Machine New Rapid Upright Hollow Chisel Mortising and Boring Machine / C-135 3" early 1900's Kirk, Dave