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Manufacturers Index - Tannewitz Works

Tannewitz Works
Grand Rapids, MI; Jenison, MI, U.S.A.
Company Website: http://www.tannewitz.com/
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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The advanced-looking Tannewitz Portable Bench Saw, 1923

The Tannewitz Works dates back to about 1909, and perhaps earlier. Their web site claims, "since 1892". It is quite possible that Crescent Machine Works was founded in 1892 by Edward E. Tannewitz, and was succeeded in about 1909 by Tannewitz Works, owned by Carl E. Tannewitz.

Though best known for their bandsaws, Tannewitz also made disk sanders and tablesaws; all their machines are industrial sized.

From 1983 to 1998, Tannewitz resold machines made by Copco, Inc., a company that rose from the ashes of the old C. O. Porter Machinery Co. See our entry for Copco for more information.

Now known as Tannewitz, Inc., they are in Jenison, MI. Tannewitz, Inc. manufactures and services bandsaws; there is no support available for other former Tannewitz products.

Serial Number Lookup

Tannewitz Serial Numbers

Model Numbering

The first character denotes the size:

  • E = 24 inch
  • P = 30 inch
  • G = 36 inch
  • R = 42 inch
  • S = 52 inch

The second character indicates the drive type:

  • H = direct motor drive
  • I = belt drive
  • V = variable speed transmission

The third or fourth characters (if present) indicate other options:

  • E = electronically-actuated hydraulic braking system
  • N = steel weldment construction

Information Sources

  • An ad in a 1920 issue of The Wood-Worker features "dowel machines for furniture factories... This is the most successful dowel machine made. Over 1,200 in use."
  • In 1926 and 1931 bandsaw patents were granted to Carl E. Tannewitz, and in 1933 another bandsaw patent was assigned to The Tannewitz Works of Grand Rapids.
  • A 1910 letterhead seen on eBay says, "Crescent Machine Works" preceeded by a rubber stamping that says, "Tannewitz Works, succeeding the..." Crescent Machine Works should not be confused with the much better known Crescent Machine Co.
  • Information on the Tannewitz model numbering system comes from an owwm.org forum post by Karl John Shields.