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Manufacturers Index - H-G Manufacturing Co.
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H-G motor, from a 1922 magazine article.

This maker of fractional-horsepower electric motors was established in 1919 or early 1920. The name changed in 1922 to Galvin Electric Manufacturing Co. The company founders were John F. Galvin (formerly of Robbins & Myers Co.) and A. M. Harrelson (formerly of Emerson Electric Manufacturing Co.)

Information Sources

  • A 1920 issue of Merchandising Week has a mention of "The H-G Manufacturing Co. / 1215 Pine Street, St. Louis, Mo."
  • The March 20, 1920 issue of Electrical World had the following news item:
    THE H-G MANUFACTURING COMPANY, 1215 Pine Street, St. Louis, Mo., recently organized, will manufacture a line of electrical specialties, including fractional-horsepower motors for operating motor-driven washing machines, etc. Work will be started immediately on the production of small motors. The officers are: J. F. Galvin, president, and A. M. Harrelson, vice-president and treasurer. Mr. Galvin was formerly manager of the St Louis branch of the Robbins & Myers Company, and Mr. Harrelson was chief engineer of the Emerson Electric Manufacturing Company.
  • EMF Electrical Year Book Volume 1, 1921 page 484, has a writeup on this company's split-phase motor, available in 1/6 and 1/4 HP.
  • The January 1921 issue of Electrical Merchandising has this news item:

    Fractional Horsepower Motors

    A 1/4-hp. split-phase motor is being produced by the H-G Manufacturing Company, 1215 Pine St., St. Louis, Mo. Features claimed for the motor are that no live parts are exposed, that the house is splash-proof, that special ventilation is employed and that starting torque is high with low starting current, high efficiency and power factor

    The motor is made with a high-carbon steel shaft, phosphor-bronze bearings and large-capacity oil wells of the wick-filled type. It is made in 1/4-hp. and 1/8-hp. sizes for 110-volt and 220-volt, single-phase operation.

  • The November 1921 issue of Electrical Merchandising had the following item:
    E. Newnham, for the past eleven years connected with the Robbins & Myers Company, Springfield, Ohio, in the capacity of electrical engineer and motor sales manager, has become financially interested and actively connected with the H-G Manufacturing Company, 1215 Pine Street, St. Louis, Mo., manufacturers of fractional horsepower motors. Mr. Newnham will be active in both production and sales.