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Manufacturers Index - Do-All (Continental Machine Specialties Co.)

Do-All (Continental Machine Specialties Co.)
Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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"Do-All" is the brand name for machines made by Continental Machine Specialties Co., also known as Continental Machines, Inc., of Minneapolis, MN. See also the entry for Do-All Appliance Co. Do-All is best known for their large and well-made metal-cutting bandsaws. In their early years they also made combination machines.

More research is needed to determine the various companies that owned the Do-All brand. Continental Machine Specialties is probably the earliest. We do not know the timing and relationships of Do-All Appliance Co. and DoAll Co. One name used on some 1940s publications, Wilkie, was from company executives R. J. and J. W. Wilkie.

Do-All sold milling machines that were made by the Fenlind Engineering Co. See that entry for more information on those "Rockford" style mills.

Information Sources

  • A 1925 catalog from Woodworkers Tool Works shows machines from this company.
  • The USPTO trademark database shows a Do-All logo that was first used in 1935. Their product was a combination jigsaw, drill press, and filer that was also available in jigsaw and drill press single-use configurations. Another trademark belonging to Continental Machine, "Speedmaster," was transferred from that company to DoAll Co. of Des Plaines, IL.
  • Star Tribune (Minneapolis, Minnesota), Aug. 15, 1941, page 9.