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Manufacturers Index - Fenlind Engineering Co.; Rock Mill, Inc.

Fenlind Engineering Co.; Rock Mill, Inc.
Rockford, IL, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

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Fenlind Engineering Co. was established by Lawrence Fenwick and Karl A. Lindmark, in or before 1948. Beginning in the 1950s they manufactured the Rockford line of small milling machines, which were distributed by Logan, machinery dealer Hedwick & Co. of Los Angeles, DoAll, Sundstrand, and Hardinge. They also made abrasive grinding machines.

It appears that they were succeeded by Rock Mill, Inc., which is known to have made vertical milling machines in the 1960s through to the early '90s, and which had the same address as the last known address for Fenlind. By 1993 Rock Mill, Inc. had been succeeded by Production Machinery Co., Inc. of Rockford. That firm shut down in 2015 when the owner, Steve Hall, retired.

Information Sources

  • Thanks to William Cunningham, who has uploaded several catalogs and manuals related to Fenlind, as these were invaluable in better understanding this little-known manufacturer..
  • January 1948 issue of Wood.
    ...rip and crosscut saw blade with 1-inch hole is furnished standard. Recommended spindle speed is 3400 R.P.M. Overall dimensions are 52 in. height, 17 in. width, and 32-½ in. depth. Units may be furnished with or without motor, as desired. For mounting, a table approximately 2 in. by 14 in. by 36 in. with a 1-in. by 3-in. backing strip is recommended. For further information write the Fenlind Engineering Co., 260 Mill Street, Rockford, Ill.
  • 1953 Product Engineering.
    Using a coated abrasive belt instead of a diamond wheel, a new method of sharpening tungsten carbide tools reduces costs by two-thirds and produces a longer lasting cutting edge. Heart of the new process, developed jointly by Behr-Manning Corporation and Fenlind Engineering Company, is a waterproof, 220- grit, silicon carbide paper belt, driven by a cast iron contact wheel. In field tests Behr-Manning engineers found that the average cost of sharpening a carbide tungsten tool ranges between one and three cents per tool with the belt grinder, compared to six to 17 cents per tool with a diamond wheel. Major economy stems from the elimination of two operations—the intermediate grind and finish-honing. After a silicon carbide wheel rough grinds the clearance angle on the tool, the abrasive belt micro-finishes the relief angle and final cutting surface in... production time cutting 4004 alloy, the abrasive belt-sharpened tools completed an average of 34 pieces between sharpenings, diamond-hones tools only 12 pieces. Cutting AMS 5060 steel the abrasive belt-sharpened tools finished 202 pieces compared to 102 pieces by diamond wheel-sharpened tools. ... Engineers attribute the longer life to the 2-16 micro-inches rms finish produced by the belt technique. Too, the belt does not chip the cutting edge of the tool, a phenomena that requires diamond honing when tools are sharpened by other methods. Other machine tools similarly equipped with abrasive belts for economy — a centerless grinder and a conjugate profile grinder.
  • 1954 Rockford City Directory: "Fenlind Engineering Company Karl L. Lindmark pres, La Lawrence Fenwick v-pres, Richd Lull sec-treas, 5602 Pike rd (LP)".
  • A 1957 issue of American Machinist.
    Vertical Mill Has Infinitely Variable Spindle Speed Drive
    Vertical milling machine, known as the Rockford Mill, features an infinitely variable spindle speed drive, rigidly-held rotating head, vibration-free quill, and positive automatic depth control. Speeds of 85 to 560 rpm are available in low range; 600 to 3720 in high. Positive quill-control lever provides stepless quill feed range from 0 to 0.008ipr. Extra features available include power feed for table, precision scales with verniers, and optical equipment for easy reading of the vernier scales. Fenlind Engineering Co, 5602 Pike Rd, Rockford, Ill.
  • 1958-01-27 issue of American Machinist.
    Backstand Idler—Fenlind Engineering Co 5602 Pike Rd, Loves Park, Ill. Fenlind L-610 designed as belt idler for grinding and polishing lathes is adjustable to precision or roughing work. Linkages permit mounting of both tracking and tension arms at any position. Control arms can be adjusted to accommodate belts of any length. Aluminum-alloy pulley is 10 in. in diameter and 6 in. wide (Feb 11, p176).
  • May 1958 Western Machinery and Steel World.
    West Coast Distributors Ed Bellezzo, western district manager for Logan Engineering Co., has appointed Germain-Moore in Los Angeles as distributor of the Rockford mill line, manufactured by Fenlind Engineering Co., Rockford, Ill. In the San Francisco area, Moore Machinery Co. has been appointed exclusive distributor of Rockford mills and Logan lathes. San Jose Hardware represents these two lines in San Jose.
  • From a 1968 issue of American Machinist.
    Vertical mill simplifies accurate spindle adjustment—This heavy-duty vertical mill has all controls grouped within reach of the operator, making spindle adjustments faster and more accurate. The model MV-700 has a spindle drive with an infinitely variable speed range. A 2-hp motor generates full power in both the direct drive range of 500 to 300 rpm, and the low speed range of 100 to 600 rpm. The speed control dial is calibrated for easy selection of any speed in both ranges. The chrome-plated quill has 5 in. of travel manually, or under power feed. Either R-8 or Kwik-Switch spindles are supplied as standard. Circle 63 on reader service card or write Rock-Mill Inc, 4215 E State St, Rockford, Ill.
  • From 1984 The Pocket List of Railroad Officials.
    For over 20 years Rock-Mill, Inc. has been building maintenance of way equipment for the railroad industry. Rock-Mill has acquired the ARSCO line of rail saws and drills with a complete stock of ARSCO parts and supplies. These products, as well as others, are now offered by the ATLANTIC Maintenance of Way Co., Division of Rock-Mill, Inc. ATLANTIC ... a new name backed by Rock- Mill's experience and proven reliability.
  • 1993 Harris Illinois Industrial Directory "ROCK MILL INC. See Production Machinery in Rockford."