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Manufacturers Index - Woodworkers Tool Works
Last Modified: Aug 2 2019 5:43PM by Jeff_Joslin
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Woodworkers Tools Works (WTW) was founded in 1907 by the Knourek family, and they have now run it for four generations. See their web site for further information.

They made the Jones patent gage for laying out profiles on molder knives; replacement parts for this gage are still available from WTW. They also made some machines, including a shaper, a horizontal borer, and a hollow-chisel mortiser. The mortiser is identical to one made by Kornau Machine Co.They also make Foster jointer grinders and (also reconditioned models) that were originally made by Foster Supplies Co.

Information Sources

  • A patent search turned up a couple of woodworking-related patents to William M. Knourek of Chicago. See the Patents tab.
  • Woodworkers Tool Works sold a mortiser called the "Simplex". So far as we can tell, it was made by WTW.