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Machine Registry
The Machine Registry is maintained by a group of volunteers who each take on the responsibility of one or more manufacturers. If this manufacturer is not included in the Machine Registry and you would like to serve as a volunteer steward, please contact us

Submitting Machines to the Serial Number Registry

If you would like to add your machine to the Registry, please Submit Serial Number Information . You may also contact the Registry Steward for this manufacturer: Brian Kachadurian

Please provide at least the following basic information:

  1. Your Name and E-Mail address
  2. Machine Type, Model, and basic Description
  3. Machine Serial Number
  4. Any documentation that can date the machine

Also, we strongly encourage you to also submit a Photo Index entry on machines submitted to the Registry. This will allow us to link photos of the machine to the Registry as well as give the submitter an opportunity to provide more information about the machine than what is covered in the Registry. To submit a Photo Index entry, please visit the Photo Index Upload Wizard .

Depending on the manufacturer and steward, you may be asked to provide more information than the above basics but at the very least, we need the above information.

There are currently 21 Machine Registry submissions for this manufacturer.
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Serial No. Type Description Mfg. Date
04/19/2018 12S63 Shaper: Logan badged Logan 7" Shaper Model AS 7
08/06/2016 12ES87 Shaper: Logan badged 8" metal shaper unknown
12/30/2017 14844 Lathe model 815
04/02/2018 15466 Lathe: Logan badged Model 200 1942
07/09/2018 24ES1073 Shaper: Logan badged Model ES8T 3/4, 8 inch shaper
11/18/2016 30208 Lathe Model 200 1945-1946
02/20/2016 37133 Lathe Model 200
03/09/2018 375518 Lathe Model 200 w/qc gear box
11/29/2016 37592 Lathe Model 210 1946
12/06/2015 42725 Lathe Model 820 10 inch Turret lathe 1947
05/02/2018 48754 Lathe Model 816
02/21/2018 50246 Lathe: Logan badged 815 http://www.lathe.com/ser-no.htm
08/27/2017 51985 Lathe: Logan badged Model 400 nine inch swing. Wish I knew. My father bought it in the early 50's
07/09/2017 61842 Lathe 957CKGJ4X
08/14/2017 67898 Lathe: Logan badged model number 2535-2
06/28/2018 69285 Lathe: Logan badged Model 2555V
02/18/2018 76093 Lathe 6561-H unknown
08/05/2017 76120 Lathe 2555V 12" x 23" 1961
07/17/2016 76371 Lathe: Logan badged 10 Inch Model 1825 1961
08/06/2016 79928 Lathe 2557VLH lathe 1964 (late)
11/18/2015 88434 Lathe: Logan/Powermatic Powermatic 12" #257V 1973-1974