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Machine Serial Number Registry
Manufacturerd By:
Tannewitz Works
Grand Rapids, MI; Jenison, MI

Registry Detail
Machine Information
Serial Number: 05293
Machine Type: Table Saw
Machine Description: Model J -- 16"
Owner: John George
Manufactuer Date: 1938-40
Notes: The owner writes: "I have a Tannewitz tablesaw that looks like a model J. But upon inspection of the name plate with a magnifying glass there is a small gouge in the type. I can say that it definitely says it is a model U. I've had other people look at it and asked what letter is there. They all came back with U. The left side of the U is clearly stamped, the right side is obscured above the the curve where it transitions to a straight line at 4 o'clock . Also this saw came with a 16" blade in it and enough room for a 18" blade if you had the need. The Serial is #5293 . There is a rather nicely done dealers brass name plate roughly the same size but without the clipped corners. It has a 1/8 brass bordered edge, then a 5/32 wide scarlet red inner border which stops at the rivet holes and then another raised 1/8 brass border. The inner field is black with raised brass lettering and line details listing: THE FADER MACHINERY CO. Inc. WOODWORKING MACHINERY GLUE ROOM EQUIPMENT 27 N. JEFFERSON ST. CHICAGO, ILL. "
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