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Manufactured/Badged by:
C. O. Porter Machinery Co.
Grand Rapids, MI

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Jointer
Machine Size: 16"
Submitted By: Ray Muno
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: Model 16A Heavy Pattern Jointer
Date of Manufacturer: ?
Serial Number: 961
Last Updated 7/12/2006 8:54:22 PM

The "USS Missy Porter"

From the dirty paper on the Mothership, she appears to be a Model 16A Heavy Pattern Jointer. The literature makes mention of a spring joint attachment which shifted the two wedges on the the infeed side to drop the table. This machine appears to have a draft attachment that shifts the two wedges on the long side of the table, opposite from the pulley side. It would drop one side of the table along its length. Definitley a much cruder approach to this when compared to the mechanism on a machine like the Oliver Model 12.


Hopefully Ol' Missy has come in to port for the last time. She has been passed around quite a bit, losing a few parts along the way. At this point she is missing a table wedge, the fence, the table adjustment screws and the cutterhead. But what the heck, there is still over 1500 pounds of iron to work with.

It really should not be too hard dealing with most of the missing parts. The table wedge should be fairly easy to fabricate. She must have had a square cutterhead originally with a retrofit to an Oliver Clamshell at some point in life. The Clamshell head still exists but remained with the previous caretaker, Eric Tuck. I have had a few leads on a replacement head in anticipation of her coming to dock at my house.

At 16" she is only a small aircraft carrier but still a bit larger than anything I anticipated dragging home. I was planning for something more on the order of a 12" at some point.

The first two pictures are from Dick Streff, the caretaker prior to Eric, from when he offered Ol' Missy for free on the OWWM classifieds. Eric wanted the cutterhead for a possible replacement on his Famous 16. Dick insisted he had to take Ol' Missy with it.

The cutterhead that was with the machine is an Oliver Clamshell (pictured). It has a patent date of 1908 and the serial number is 696.

I will followup with some other pictures when she gets cleaned up. There are a few more machines in line in front of her so she will just have to be patient.

Photo 1:

Comments: Front view
Source: Dick Streff
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Photo 2:

Comments: Rear view
Source: Dick Streff
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Photo 3:

Comments: In dry dock, overlooking the harbor
Source: Ray Muno
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