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Manufacturers Index - Syncro Corp.
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In 1946 Syncro Corp. was formed when it was split from Syncro Devices, Inc., which had been in existence from about 1934.

Syncro Corp.'s early product line included a miniature scrollsaw and a sharpener for razor blades. Both of these products, and probably their other products as well, used vibratory motors that Syncro had patented.

In the late 1940s Syncro Corp. began developing a new line of vibratory power tools, such as handheld sanders and jigsaws. Their first patent on such a tool—a pad sander—was applied for in 1949 and granted in 1953. Subsequent patents covered jigsaws and new models of pad sanders and scrollsaws. All of these tools were sold under the Syncro name.

From about 1955 through 1974, Syncro's miniature scrollsaw was also sold by Sears, Roebuck & Co., both under the Sears brand and the Craftsman brand. Source code/model number prefix "110".

During the early to mid 1960s, a combination sander/polisher product was also sold under the Syncro Trustworthy name and under the Gambles name. The product was short-lived, however.

By the mid 1960s their focus had switched to alternators and ignition system components for automobiles and small air-cooled engines. Beginning in the lathe 1950s they produced electrolytic capacitors for the electronics industry in two plants in Edgerton and Hicksville, Ohio. This segment of the business was sold in 1971.

In 1973, the company moved all of its operations from Oxford, Mi. to Arab, Alabama where Syncro Corp. continues to produce electronic and electro-mechanical products for the automotive and various other markets. Manufacture of the power tools was discontinued in 1974, and support for those products ceased about 10 years later.

Also, see Sears/Craftsman/Dunlap machines and information with the 110 source code.

Information Sources

  • The last patent assigned to Syncro Devices, Inc., was issued in 1947 and the first patent issued to Syncro Corp. was issued in 1953. The patent record also shows that in about 1977 Syncro Corp. moved from Oxford, MI to Arab, Alabama. The most recent patent issued to Syncro Corp. was in 1994. The company is still in business making electromechanical products.
  • The latest patent for a vibratory power tool is 1966, by which time they were more focused on automotive alternators and ignition system components.
  • We are grateful to Bruce Biggard of Syncro Corp. for providing us a writeup of the company history, which we have incorporated here. Most of the information here other than on patents is either from Bruce or corroborated by him.
  • Mailing address (1950 Popular Mechanics): POB H-109, Rochester, Michigan.