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Manufacturers Index - Syncro Devices, Inc.
Last Modified: Jun 12 2019 3:35PM by toolguybak
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Syncro Devices, Inc. was in operation from about 1934. They made a variety of products:

  • Small-aircraft landing gear
  • Model cars and airplanes
  • Engines used to power the models
  • A type of electric lamp
  • Products with vibratory electric motors; they held patents on such motors and on a couple of products using this type of motor.

The product that qualifies Syncro Devices for this index to makers of woodworking machinery was a small scrollsaw that used a vibratory motor.

In 1946 Syncro Devices spun off its vibratory tools business as a separate company, Syncro Corp. of Oxford, MI; see the entry for Syncro Corp. for more information.

Syncro Devices eventually moved to Troy, MI, and continued to make aircraft parts until the 1980s when it was sold. We do not have any additional information on Syncro Devices after spinning off Syncro Corp.

Address (throughout WWII): 3265 Bermuda, Ferndale, Michigan.

Information Sources

  • From the label on a small scrollsaw, The Syncro Jr., "The jig saw for boys".
  • Patent records establish the 1934 date and the company name. The name appears on patents as late as 1947.