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Manufacturers Index - Beachmont-Tabor Co.
Last Modified: Dec 13 2010 3:18PM by Jeff_Joslin
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Some time before 1982 the venerable Beach Manufacturing Co. was succeeded by Beachmont Co. Shortly thereafter, Beachmont was succeeded by Beachmont-Tabor Co.

Beachmont-Tabor ceased operations in 1986. In 1988, Tannewitz, Inc., purchased the rights to the Max line of sanders but is otherwise unrelated to Beachmont-Tabor.

Beachmont-Tabor made at least some of the old Beach line of sanders. The also made Max sanders, which were originally made by the Max Manufacturing Co. of San Jose, CA. It is not known when Beachmont-Tabor acquired rights to the Max sander line.

Information Sources

  • A webpage on FactoryNew.com says, "In 1986, BEACHMONT-TABOR CO., the owner of the MAX name and line, ceased operations. Two years later the MAX name was purchased by TANNEWITZ." Their information source is unknown.