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Manufacturers Index - John G. Mole
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In 1873, John George Mole established his Tire Shrinker Works near River Street in Batavia. In 1877 he patented an improved tire shrinker that was very successful. It is not clear how long Mole continued manufacturing his tire shrinker, but within a few years versions of the Mole shrinker were being manufactured by firms such as Illinois Iron & Bolt Co. and Southern Skein & Foundry Co. of Chattanooga, Tenn. Other firms that made Mole tire shrinkers, such as L. A. Weyburn Co. of Rockford, Ill., may have waited until the patent had expired.

Information Sources

  • A City of Batavia history page mentions Mr. Mole.
  • June 1896 "Hardware Dealer" magazine.
    Tire Upsetter
    This is the season when blacksmiths and wagonmakers everywhere have the most use for tire-upsetting machines. There are a great many different tire upsetters on the market at the present time, but probably that known as the "Mole" has reached the greatest popularity. The patent having expired on the "Mole" tire upsetter it is now made by a number of firms. The competition is sharp, and the tendency is to use cheap material in the construction. To guard against this tendency and to have a machine that is thoroughly warranted, Mr. S. D. Kimbark, Michigan Ave. and Lake St., Chicago, has made a large number of the "Mole" made especially for his trade. Those purchasing tire upsetters from Mr. Kimbark are thus assured of securing the best materials and workmanship.
    The illustration shows a machine labeled, "DETROIT / MOLE", which suggests that the true maker was Fulton Iron & Engine Works.