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Manufacturers Index - New Haven Manufacturing Co.

New Haven Manufacturing Co.
New Haven, CT, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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From the 1896 book, Illustrations and Details of American Machine Tools

Founded in 1850 by Asahel Pierpont, this company succeeded Scranton & Parshley and made machine tools, including drill presses & engine lathes. They also made a patternmakers' lathe. The company disappeared some time between 1912 and 1921.

Information Sources

  • See also the information under Scranton & Parshley.
  • From an ad in an 1864 issue of Scientific American.
  • A very large old lathe from this company has been reported in the oldwwmachines discussion forum: about 18 feet long.
  • An 1886 ad from this firm shows a drill press.
  • A posting by Nathaniel Mitkowski in the oldtools discussion forum provides some additional data on this company: that it was founded in 1850, and it appeared in the 1912 but not the 1921 New Haven city directories. That information came from course material from Yale professor Doug Rae.
  • American Lathe Builders: 1810-1910 by Kenneth L. Cope, 2001 page 107
  • Leading Business Men of New Haven County, 1887 page 103.

    New Haven Manufacturing Company, Builders of Machine Tools, No. 27 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, Conn.

    This is one of the old industrial landmarks of New Haven, the business having been inaugurated by the New Haven Manufacturing Company in 1850, and in their special branch of industry, the concern is a leading one in the fullest signification of the term. The company occupies commodious premises covering an area of over one-acre of ground, with their office at No. 30 Whitney Avenue, and the works consist of six large buildings, admirably adapted for the important operations of the house.

    The company employs a force of 100 workmen in their business, and have the latest and most valuable machinery and appliances operated by a steam engine of 75 horse-power. The output comprises all kinds of machine tools and machinery, a specialty being made of heavy and difficult work, and the concern has a wide reputation for the standard excellence of their productions. The officers are as follows:

    President and Treasurer, Robert A. Brown, Secretary, L. Winthrop, who, with Superintendent Alexander Thayer, Messrs. E. S. Bristol, T. P. Merwin and A. Bradley, constitute the Board of Directors.

    The operations of this representative, reliable concern are extensive, and the aggregate business is a considerable item in the sum total of the manufacturing interests of New Haven, and the field and volume of trade is steadily increasing and extending.