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Manufacturers Index - Scranton & Parshley

Scranton & Parshley
New Haven, CT, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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This machine tool maker was active from 1848 (or perhaps before) until early 1852, when it was succeeded by New Haven Manufacturing Company. They manufactured metal-working lathes, drill presses, and steam engines.

Information Sources

  • Eighth Annual Report of the American Institute, March 1850, including the results of the 1849 Fair: "Scranton & Parshley, New Haven, Conn., for a lathe, (medium size.) Diploma." This lathe was likely a metal-working machine.
  • From The Proceedings of the Union Meeting held at Brewster's Hall, October 24, 1850, New Haven, are listed "Scranton & Parshley, W. T. Scranton,... John Parshley,... David Scranton, Harry Scranton,..."
  • Transactions of the American Institute for the year 1851, including that year's Fair of the American Institute: "From Scranton & Parshley, New Haven, Conn., nine lathes; drill press, &c. These tools are all of the common kind, of good quality, and offered cheap. Persons wanting small tools of the kind would do well to examine them."
  • Transactions of the American Institute for the year 1851, including that year's Fair of the American Institute: Scranton & Parshly, New-Haven, Conn., for lathes and tools. Diploma.
  • Advertisement in the 1852-02-14 issue of Scientific American:
    SCRANTON & PARSHLEY, Tool Builders, New Haven, Conn., have on hand six 12 ft. slide lathes, 28 in. swing; also four 8 ft. do.; 21 in. swing, with back and screw gearing, with all the fixtures; one 5 ft. power planer; 12 drill presses, 4 bolt cutting machines, 30 small slide rests; 5 back geared hand lathes, 21 in. swing; 15 do. not geared; 8 do. 17 swing on shears 5 1-2 feet; 25 ditto with and without shears, 13 in. swing; counter shafts, all hung if wanted suitable to the lathes. Scroll chucks on hand; also index plates for gear cutting. Cuts of the above can be had by addressing as above, post-paid.
  • Advertisement in the 1852-06-26 issue of Scientific American:
    NEW HAVEN MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Tool Builders, New Haven, Conn., (successors to Scranton & Parshley) have now on hand $25,000 worth of Machinist's Tools, consisting of power planers, to plane from 5 to 12 feet; slide lathes from 6 to 18 feet long; 3 size hand lathes, with or without shears; counter shafts, to fit all sizes and kinds of universal chuck gear cutting engines; drill presses, index plates, bolt cutters, and 3 size slide rests. The Co. are also manufacturing steam engines. All of the above tools are of the best quality, and are for sale at 25 per cent less than any other tools in the market. Cuts and list of prices can be had by addressing as above, post-paid. Warehouse No. 12 Platt st., New York, S. C. Hills, Agent N. H. Man'g Co.