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Manufacturers Index - Himoff Machine Co.

Himoff Machine Co.
New York, NY; Astoria (Long Island), NY, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

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In 1908 the Himoff Machine Co. was manufacturing tobacco machinery. In 1912 the president of Himoff Machine Co., Max Himoff, was granted a trio of patents for multi-spindle drilling machines, but so far as we can tell, these interesting machines were never manufactured. In 1916 Himoff introduced their "Hercules" 21-inch manufacturing lathe, a heavy lathe adapted from one designed for machining shell casings. They also made screw machines and gear hobbing machinery. In late 1916 or early '17 they relocated from Mott Street in New York City to Astoria on Long Island.

From 1916-06-24 Canadian Machinery

After the war ended in November 1918, Himoff seems to have sold off their metalworking machinery lines to the newly formed Hercules Machine & Tool Co. of New York, and re-focused on the manufacture of tobacco machinery, which they did for decades. We have also seen a 1952 ad offering to grind or mill cams under contract. The company survived until at least 1977.

Information Sources

  • July 1915 American Machine and Tool Record carries a "machinery wanted" ad from Himoff Machine Co., 128 Mott St., New York, who were looking for an 18- or 20-inch shaper and a 22- or 24-inch drill press with back-geared automatic feed.
  • 1915-16 Directory of Directors in the City of New York lists the executives of Himoff Machine Co., including Max Himoff, Pres., Treas. and Dir.; Morris Himoff, V. Pres., Sec'y and Dir.; and R. Himoff, Dir.
  • Article in the 1916-11-16 issue of Canadian Machinery.
  • November 1916 Machinery.
    Himoff Machine Co., 50 Church St., New York City. Circular descriptive of the "Hercules" 21-inch heavy-duty manufacturing lathe, designed especially for heavy-duty plain, taper and form turning. This machine is adapted for any work done on the ordinary lathe with the exception of thread cutting.
  • December 1916 Machinery.
    Heavy-duty Manufacturing Lathe: Himoff Machine Co., 128 Mott St., New York City. This lathe is intended for turning projectiles and forgings where the finished diameter does not exceed 9 inches. The bed, which is 8 feet long, is reinforced with box-type cross-ribs, which resist twisting stresses. The headstock spindle is forged from steel containing between 0.50 and 0.60 per cent carbon; a 2¼-inch hole extends entirely through it. The tailstock spindle is 3½ inches in diameter and has a 6-inch travel.
  • January 1917 American Drop Forger.
    Astoria, L. I., N. Y.—The Himoff Machine Company, 45 Mill Street, has increased its capital stock from $30,000 to $100,000 to afford funds to enable it to begin manufacture of special gear-hobbing and other special machines.
  • January 1917 Machinery.
    Himoff Machine Co., manufacturer of lathes, screw machines and gear hobbing machines, has moved from 138 Mott St., New York City, to more spacious quarters at 45 Mill St., Astoria, L. I.
  • October 1917 Condensed Catalogues of Mechanical Equipment lists Himoff Machine Co., 45 Mills St., Astoria, L. I., N. Y., as supplies of gear hobbing machines and engine lathes.
  • 1918-07-25 The Iron Age: "Himoff Machine Co., Astoria, N. Y., is in the market for boring and other heavy machinery for turning out gun mounts." Elsewhere in the issue: "The Himoff Machine Co., Astoria, Long Island, N. Y., has been getting quotations on boring machines and other large tools for increasing its output of gun mounts. The company is expecting an additional Government contract."
  • A 1952 issue of Modern Machine Shop has a text ad from Himoff Machine Co., Inc., 23-16 44th Road, Long Island City 1, N. Y.: "CAMS / We are fully equipped to grind or mill a complete range of cams to your specifications on our Rowbottom Cam Milling Machines."