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Manufacturers Index - Electric Tamper & Equipment Co. of Canada, Ltd.

Electric Tamper & Equipment Co. of Canada, Ltd.
Montreal, QC, Canada
Manufacturer Class: Steam and Gas Engines

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This motor manufacturer began as the Canadian branch of a Chicago-based parent. In 1952 it became the wholly-owned subsidiary of Canada Iron Foundries, Ltd.; the name changed to Tamper, Ltd. around 1959.

Information Sources

  • Repair manual and parts list dated 1953-01-19: "Fairbanks-Morse Electric Motors for Domestic Water Systems / as manufactured by / Electric Tamper & Equipment Co. of Canada Ltd. / Montreal Toronto" The warranty section says, "The Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Company Limited warrants each new Fairbanks-Morse Single Phase Motor..." The motors themselves are ¼ and ? HP split-phase and capacitor-start types. All but one are four-pole motors.
  • Known as a motor maker from a 1 HP induction motor with the "Tamper" brand name.
  • 1/2 HP motor from Rockwell Manufacturing Co. of Canada, Ltd., "manufactured by Tamper Division Canada Iron Foundries Ltd."