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Manufacturers Index - A. J. Deer Co.

A. J. Deer Co.
Hornell, NY, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery, Metal Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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In the late 1890s the firm of Bartz, Evans & Wygant ran a shop in Hornellsville, NY, where they did electrical repairs and contract work. By the beginning of 1903 the partnership was also manufacturing motors. Charles E. Evans left the firm and was replaced by Alfred E. Brown, the firm becoming Bartz, Wygant & Brown Co. That firm developed and introduced a line of motorized kitchen products plus a small sensitive drill press. It seems that the motors were dropped as a separate product line at some point.

By 1908 the products of Bartz, Wygant & Brown were being distributed by A. J. Deer Co. and by late 1908 or very early '09, Bartz, Wygant & Brown was reorganized to become A. J. Deer Co., Inc. The bench drill product was continued until at least 1913 but we have not found any evidence of it after that time.

From 1913-04-01 Automobile Trade Journal

Information Sources

  • 1898 Annual Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Steuben County mentions Bartz, Evans & Wygant owed $1.60 for repairs.
  • From a 1903 issue of Engineer and Steam Engineering, available only through Snippet View in Google Books: "Bartz, Evans & Wygant, of Hornellsville, N. Y., has recently reorganized. A change has been made in the firm by the retirement of Mr. Chas. E. Evans, Jr., who has been succeeded by Mr. Alfred E. Brown, of the Citizens' National Bank, of Hornellsville. The business will hereafter be conducted under the firm name of Bartz, Wygant & Brown. Mr. Brown giving his personal attention to the interests of the business."
  • January 1903 American Electrician lists "Bartz, Evans & Wygant, H'n'sville, N. Y." as a maker of electric motors.
  • March 1903 American Electrician has an ad from Bartz, Wygant & Brown for their DC motors.
  • 1903-05-30 Electrical World and Engineer. "BARTZ, WYGANT & BROWN, Hornellsville, N. Y., have been incorporated to make electric motors and appliances, capital $60,000. Directors: Frank Bartz, Frederick A. Wygant and Alfred E. Brown, Hornellsville."
  • 1904 Mechanical Index lists Bartz, Evans & Wygant of Hornellsville, N. Y., as makers of dynamos and motors.
  • April 1905 American Electrician. "BARTZ, WYGANT & BROWN, Hornellsville, N. Y., have one of the most modern and thoroughly equipped shops in central New York. The machine shop and erecting department are on the first floor; the winding, painting and drafting departments and the offices are on the second floor, and the stock and shipping rooms in the basement. The machinery is all motor-driven, the motors being supplied by B. W. & B. generators, belt-driven by a gas engine. The company’s dynamos and motors are steadily making friends throughout the trade."
  • January 1909 Machinery. "Bartz, Wygant & Brown, manufacturers of electric generators and motors, have erected a four-story office building. 36x72 feet."
  • 1909-01-14 The Iron Trade Review. "The Bartz, Wygant & Brown Co., Inc., Hornell, N. Y., which makes the Royal electric specialties comprising electric coffee mills and electric meat cutters, that are sold by the A. J. Deer Co., Buffalo, nothing but the Hornell company's product, has formed an organization under the name of The A. J. Deer Co., Inc., which will take effect as soon as the new office building, which is in process of construction, is completed, probably about April 1. This office building is three stories and basement, 36 feet by 72 feet and will be up-to-date in every particular. The Hornell company has ordered the extra machinery, etc., that will be needed for the present."
  • 1926-03-27 renewal of a Trademark to "Bartz, Wygant & Brown, Hornellsville, N. Y. Electric motors. 50,639".