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Manufacturers Index - Foley-Belsaw Co.

Foley-Belsaw Co.
Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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This company was created with the 1983 merger of Belsaw Machinery Co. and Foley Manufacturing Co. The merged company made sharpening machinery and a planer-molder. Shortly after the merger they acquired the rights and tooling to the Sprunger Brothers, Inc. line of woodworking machinery. Foley-Belsaw did manufacture at least some of the Sprunger machines under the Foley-Belsaw name, but this was short-lived, perhaps because of increasing competition from Taiwan.

During the 1980's, Foley-Belsaw did also import some woodworking machines to fill out their product line which were made in Taiwan and sold those under their own label. (We are aware of a Model 482 band saw and a Model 490 table saw.) However, because this site only covers machines that were made in the USA, Canada, or Britain, those imported machines are not included in the database.

Foley United now manufactures four lines of sharpening and grinding equipment; the manufacturing is based in River Falls, WI. Their Foley-Belsaw line of machinery was formerly marketed by the Foley-Belsaw division in Kansas City, MO.

As of April, 2017, what was called "Foley Belsaw Sharpening" was purchased by Wingra Direct LLC, trading as Sharpening Supplies. As of June, 2019, all Foley-Belsaw sharpening machines have been discontinued except for the Model 310-16 carbide saw grinder. Sharpening Supplies sells machinery and supplies from other vendors and some supplies for Foley-Belsaw machines. The Foley-Belsaw web site exists for redirection purposes.

Information Sources

  • The connection between Foley-Belsaw and Sprunger was deduced by Brian Kachadurian based on a Photo Index entry of a Foley-Belsaw scrollsaw that is identical to earlier Sprunger machines.