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Manufacturers Index - Bullock Electric Mfg. Co.
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Began in 1884 as Geo. F. Card & O. W. Jantz Manufacturing Co., then became Bullock Electric Motor & Dynamo Co. Motor manufacturing began about 1897. In 1901, they combined their sales operations with those of Wagner Electric Corp. They were acquired by Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Co. in 1905 and then operated for years as the Bullock Works of A-C

Information Sources

  • Colliery engineer, Volume 20,Aug 1899, page 31 (Courtesy of Michael Foley).
    A growing list of patrons is always gratifying to a manufacturer, and, in this respect, the Bullock Electrical Manufacturing Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, has every reason to feel, if a growing list is evidence, that the users of electrical machinery appreciate real merit. The company reports June sales to the following: Deere and Co., Moline, 111.; Consumers' Park Brewing Co., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Pacific Coast Borax Co., Bayonne, N. J.; Ruppert Brewing Co., New York, N. Y.; Southern Electrical Supply Co., St. Louis, Mo.; AVest Branch Electrical Light Co., AVest Branch, Iowa; Knoxville AVoolen Mills, Knoxville, Tenn.; Central Electrical Co., Chicago, 111.; Hartford Times, Hartford, Conn.; E. R. Durkee and Co., New York (this company has also 26 other Bullock motors in operation); Chesapeake Mining Co., Hanley, AV. Ara.; Burgess Steel and Iron Co., Portsmouth, Ohio; Forbes Lithograph Co., Chelsea, Mass.; Licking Roller Mill Co., Covington, Ky.; Bay Ridge Park Improvement Co., Bay Ridge, Md.; F. B. Shuster, New Haven, Conn.; Royal Electrical Co., Quebec, Canada; Manchester Sporting Chronicle, Manchester, England; Maryland Steel Co., Sparrows Point, Md.; AVapsononock Hotel Co., Altoona, Pa.; George H. Berg, Boston, Mass.; United States Government Mint, New Orleans, La.; Butterick Publishing Co., New York, N. Y.; Henry Heide, New York, N. Y.; R. Hoe and Co., New York, N. Y.; AVybro, Hendry and Co., San Francisco, Cal.; Lawrence Publishing Co., Cleveland, Ohio; Bergtheil and Young, London, England; Sir Christopher Ferness, AVestgarth Co., Middlesboro on Tees, England; Nottingham Guardian, Nottingham, England; Birmingham Daily Post, Birmingham, England.