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Manufacturers Index - E. J. Worcester
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Edward J. Worcester apparently worked for drill-press makers George C. Taft and A. F. Prentice & Co., then began manufacturing drill presses on his own, variously working as E. J. Worcester, E. J. Worcester & Co., and E. J. Worcester Drill Co. Worcester was in business from about 1873 until 1883. He was succeeded by Geo. Burnham & Co.

Information Sources

  • Awards at the thirty-third annual exhibition of the New York Agricultural Society, Albany, NY, October 1873: E. J. Worcester, Worcester, Mass.; M. E. Vield, agent, blacksmiths' drills: Certificate of Merit.
  • From Reports and awards for the Centennial Exhibition, 1876: "E. J. Worcester & Co., Worcester, Mass., U. S. PILLAR DRILLS. Exhibit pillar drills designed to be worked by hand. These tools are characterized by convenience, compactness, and ingenuity of design, and, in the absence of power, will prove very useful in many small establishments for working metal."
  • The January 1878 issue of American Machinist has the following:
    E. J. Worcester, of Worcester, is preparing to offer to the trade this coming season, his new lawn mower grinding machine. It runs by foot power, and will sharpen the cutters accurately and quickly without the aid of a skilled workman.
    The September 1878 issue of American Machinist has an illustrated article on this patented sharpening machine, "manufactured by E. J. Worcester, Worcester, Mass."
  • Drew, Allis & Co.'s Worcester Directory for 1885 has an ad for "Geo. Burnham & Co. / Successors to E. J. Worcester Drill Co. / Manufacturers of Patent Improved Upright Drills / for Blacksmiths and Carriage Makers / No. 15 Hermon st., Worcester, Mass." An 1884 ad has the same line about "successor to".