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Manufacturers Index - George C. Taft

George C. Taft
Worcester, MA, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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From 1844 to 1884—and probably for longer—George C. Taft manufactured woodworking and metalworking machinery. The line varied over the years, with shingle jointers, circular saws and grinders in the earlier years, and drill presses in the later years. Between 1851 and 1875 he was granted over forty patents, mostly for wrenches and for drilling machines. Some of his later wrench patents were used by famed wrench maker L. Coes & Co.

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Information Sources

  • In 1863, Taft was a witness in a lawsuit involving patents for pistols. Some information relevant to us came up in his testimony.
    Int. 1. What is your name, age, residence, and occupation?
    Ans. George C. Taft; forty-nine years of age; reside at Worcester, Mass.; and am a machinist.
    Int. 2. How long have you resided at Worcester?
    Ans. Since the year 1828.
    Int. 8. What was your business at that time, and had you had anything, and what, to do with pistols, or other fire-arms, previous to this interview?
    Ans. I was in the manufacture of letter-copying presses; I had made pistols, a number of them for my own use, prior to that time.
    Cross-Int. 22. What is your present business, and where in particular in Worcester do you conduct it?
    Ans. My present business is manufacturing wrenches in Maryfield's building, in Worcester.
    Cross-Int. 23. Do you conduct this business on your own account, and if yea, for what leugth of time have you conducted the same?
    Ans. I have conducted this kind of business ever since 1852, sometimes on my own account, and sometimes in connection with others.
    Cross-Int. 24. What do you mean by the phrase," in connection with others?"
    Ans. For four years I was in company with Mr. Gleason, and at other times I was employed by Mr. Rice to take charge of the manufacturing of wrenches.
    Cross-Int. 25. Are you employed by any one at present?
    Ans. No, sir.
  • Worcester County Directory for 1878-79, published by Briggs & Co.
    • George C. Taft (25 Hermon, Worcester) under "drilling and boring machines"
    • Under "machinists and machinery manufacturers": George C. Taft.
  • Drew, Allis & Co.'s The Worcester Almanac, Directory and Business Advertiser, 1883. p. 657 / 675: Ad for George C. Taft, Worcester: upright drill pat. 1882-05-09. Has lots of patents! Same ad in 1884 issue also.
  • 1884 Howland's Worcester Almanac lists, on p. 309. "Taft George C. drill manuf. 34 Southbridge, h. 14 Chandler.