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Manufacturers Index - Domestic Electric Co.
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      The Domestic Electric Co. made Electric Motors in the 1920’s. They were located at 7223 St. Clair Ave., N. E., Cleveland, Ohio.

      This firm manufactured motors, primarily in fractional horsepower sizes. They were established in 1915 and operated through to 1929, when they were acquired by Black & Decker.

Information Sources

  • EMF electrical year book, V1, 1921 pages 483-494
  • A few people have reported motors from this firm, with patent dates spanning roughly 1911 to 1919; we have found patents explicitly assigned to this firm spanning 1917 through to 1929. The early patents suggest a connection—perhaps a licensing agreement—with Allis-Chalmers.
  • Page 225 of the EMF Electrical Yearbook, Volume 1, released in June of 1921, reveals the following information:
    DOMESTIC ELECTRIC CO., THE.—Cleveland, Ohio. Manufacturer of small motors. Business established 1915. President and general manager, C. A. Duffner; vice-president M. H. Spielman; secretary and treasurer, A. N. Kellogg; sales manager, W. H. Lamar. Also cited is the trade name and address information: DOMESTIC.- Trade name for small motors manufactured by the Domestic Electric Co., 1071 Power Ave., Cleveland, Ohio