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Manufacturers Index - Atlas Engine Works

Atlas Engine Works
Indianapolis, IN, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

In addition to photos of machinery, we also host other images related to manufacturers of old woodworking machinery. Most images are scans of things like ads, articles on the company or historical photos related to the manufacturer. Photos of individual machines made by this company should be submitted to the Photo Index above.

Submitting Images

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There are currently 11 Image submissions for this manufacturer

Insert Date Image Title
03/01/2011 1884 Image-Atlas Engine Works, Corliss Steam Engine The Engineer's Handy Book 1884 pgs 661 & 662
11/09/2012 1893 Ad-Atlas Engine Works, Stationary Steam Engine Cassier's Magazine, Mar 1893, pg. 14
11/28/2012 1893 Article-Atlas Engine Works, Double Tandem Compound Steam Engine Cassier's Magazine Sep 1893, pgs. 338 & 339
11/28/2012 1893 Article-Atlas Engine Works, Tandem Compound Steam Engine Cassier's Magazine Sep 1893, pg. 336
03/31/2013 1896 Ad-Atlas Engine Works, Double Expansion Automatic Slide Valve Steam Engine Power Magazine, V16 #12, Dec 1896 pg. 100
03/30/2011 1896 Image-Atlas Engine Works, Cycloidal Steam Engine Cassier's Magazine Jan 1896 pg 46
07/25/2016 1903 Ad - Atlas Engines and Boilers The Directory of Licensed Stationary Engineers of the State of Ohio, 1903
07/26/2017 1908 Article-Atlas Engine Works, 4 Valve Medium Speed Engine The Engineer, V45, 01 Jan 1908, pg. 57
09/25/2012 1911 Ad-Atlas Engine Works, Crude Oil Engine Engineering Magazine Sep 1911 pg 6
08/18/2012 1913 Image-Atlas-Lyons Co., Factory View The Automobile Journal, 10 Nov 1913 pg 32
12/08/2014 1916 Image-Atlas Engine Works, Chain Drive Steam Traction Engine American Thresherman, Oct 1916 pg. 30