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Manufacturers Index - Kingston-Conley Electric Co. / Hoover Co.

Kingston-Conley Electric Co. / Hoover Co.
Jersey City, NJ; North Plainfield, NJ, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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The Kingston-Conley Electric Co. was founded in late 1934 by Frederick S. Kingston and Brooks L. Conley. In the late 1920s through to the late 1930s those two men (both separately and together) patented various electric motor improvements. Judging by the patent assignments, their work history was as follows:

  • Frederick S. Kingston
    • Sunlight Electrical Manufacturing Co. of Warren, OH, 1927-1930
    • General Motors Corp., of Detroit, MI, 1932.
    • Kingston-Conley of Jersey City, NJ, 1935.
  • Brooks L. Conley
    • Emerson Electric Manufacturing Co. of St. Louis, MO, 1927.
    • Sunlight Electrical Manufacturing Co. of Warren, OH, 1930.
    • General Motors Corp., of Detroit, MI, 1932.
    • Kingston-Conley of Jersey City, NJ, 1935.

By 1945 the Kingston-Conley company had been acquired by the Hoover Co. of North Canton, OH, and operated as the "Kingston-Conley Division of The Hoover Co."

Kingston-Conley appears in this Manufacturers Index because they made motors and bench grinders. Their grinders were labeled variously as

The majority of the grinders made by Kingston-Conley were branded Stanley or Walker-Turner. Kingston-Conley was not the sole grinder manufacturer for the above brands; another important OEM maker was Wissota Manufacturing Co. K-C and Wissota grinders are easily distinguished from one another: K-C grinders are heavy-looking with 1930s styling, and Wissota grinders are lighter looking with modern clean-lined styling.

If you see a for-sale listing for any other type of machine from this maker, such as a drill press or tablesaw, it is most likely someone else's machine with a Kingston-Conley motor. Kingston-Conley made motors for various makers of woodworking machinery. We have seen one tablesaw that was labeled as "Hoover Co. / Kingston-Conley Division".

Information Sources

  • The December 1934 issue of Power carried the following snippet.
    Kingston-Conley Electric Co., 66 York St., Jersey City, N. J., has been formed by F. Kingston and B. L. Conley to manufacture fractional-horsepower, heavy-duty motors. Mr. Kingston was formerly superintendent of the small- motor department ...
  • 1959-02-19 Cincinnati Enquirer: "Directors of Ohio Electric Mfg. Co., Cleveland, and Howell Electric Motors, Howell, Mich., have approved a plan to merge. Howell acquires the business and assets of Ohio Electric and its wholly owned subsidiary, Kingston-Conley, Inc., Plainfield, N. J."
  • 1959-03-26 Detroit Free Press: "HOWELL ELECTRIC MOTORS COMPANY has acquired THE OHIO ELECTRIC MFG Co and its subsidiary KINGSTON CONLEY INC".
  • Information on the founders and their history comes from patent records
  • Information on the bench grinders made by these companies comes from posting by Joe Potter (1, 2) to an owwm.org discussion forum (membership required; it's free).
  • Seen in an owwm.org forum discussion: a ½ HP induction motor labeled, "Howell Electric Motors Co. / Kingston-Conley Div. / Plainfield, New Jersey".