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Manufacturers Index - Wissota Manufacturing Co.
Last Modified: Nov 5 2016 8:43PM by Jeff_Joslin
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This company, incorporated in 1946, made bench grinders for many years, both under their own brand and as an OEM for other makers. They reportedly made bench grinders for the following:

The above list is unconfirmed and incomplete.

Wissota is now out of the bench-grinder business but continues to make skate-sharpening machines.

Establishing the Build Date of a Wissota Grinder

Wissota belt driven bench grinders are coded W2-xx, where xx is the build year.

Information Sources

  • Thanks to Brian Kachadurian for bringing this maker to our attention.
  • According to their website, the company incorporated in 1946.
  • No patent has ever been assigned to a company with "Wissota" in the name.