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Manufacturers Index - Thor Power Tool Co. / Speedway Mfg. Co.

Thor Power Tool Co. / Speedway Mfg. Co.
Aurora, IL, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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The Vintage Machinery Photo Index is a place where members of this site can submit photos of old woodworking machinery. The Index is a valuable resource in that visitors to this site can see examples of machinery made by many different manufacturers.

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Insert Date
09/28/2016 Grinder, Bench Thor #928 6" ?? 20764 Hughes, Scott
05/31/2016 Grinder, Bench Model 130B 1/3 HP bench grinder 6"? 1948 (guesstimate) 20034A-013648 Joslin, Jeff
05/11/2016 Grinder, Bench Bench Grinder / Model 6402 6" ? Smith, Robert
03/17/2016 Grinder, Bench 119 SpeedWay 4½" 1940s 529 Sarsfield., Colin
02/25/2016 Grinder, Bench Bench Grinder/Model 1Z166 2 amp/4" 1966 None Carroccio, Pablo
02/23/2016 Grinder, Bench "Wizard" Model 5H1575 4" P, Bob
02/21/2016 Grinder, Bench Model B7S Heavy Duty Bench Grinder w/ Pedestal 7" unknown 456851594 Deutsch, Tom
09/21/2015 Grinder, Bench 118B 4½" 1950s 4132 Greenbaum, Mark
08/20/2015 Grinder, Bench B66S Model 5683 Bench Grinder 6" Carney, Jake
10/24/2014 Grinder, Bench 8665 Davis, Dan
07/11/2014 Grinder, Bench Grinder C, M
03/19/2014 Grinder, Bench 118 Speed Grinder 4½" 1950's P, Bob
01/29/2014 Grinder, Bench Thor 8139 6'' 1950s? schafer, roger
04/18/2013 Grinder, Bench B6S 6in ? ? Brown, Gary
02/03/2013 Grinder, Bench 117 1940s? Grosher, Mark
08/25/2011 Grinder, Bench Thor Speed Grinder 3974 6" 3974 Clayton, Eric
06/17/2010 Grinder, Bench 3450 rpm, model 4826 6" B6*923317 Gillespie, Daniel
01/19/2010 Drill Press Unknown Unknown Unknown 1228502 Christel, Dennis
01/03/2010 Grinder, Bench SpeedWay Type 117 Four inch Wheel Unknown 21584 Yednak, Alexander
11/17/2007 Grinder, Bench 6" dual wheels bench top-on a stand unknown T 50542 Pieper, Eddie