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Manufacturers Index - Van Dorn Electric Tool Co.

Van Dorn Electric Tool Co.
Cleveland, OH; Towson, MD, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

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From February 1913 Machinery

This company first appeared in 1915 as a spin-off of Van Dorn & Dutton Co., which dated back to about 1910; the two companies shared factory space and some employees. Van Dorn & Dutton made gears and handheld electric drills.

In 1928, both companies changed ownership. Van Dorn & Dutton became the Gears and Forgings, Inc., as the result of a merger with Fawcus Machine Co. of Pittsburgh and William Ganschow Co. of Chicago; in 1934 the company reorganized as Ohio Forge & Machine Corp. Meanwhile (in 1928), Van Dorn Electric Tool Co. was acquired by Black & Decker, although the Van Dorn name survived until about 1951. If you have a Van Dorn item where the address is Towson, Md., then it post-dates the B&D acquisition.

Illustration from article in October 1929 "Machinery"

Van Dorn was primarily a maker of handheld power tools, especially drills. They also made bench grinders.

Information Sources

  • Correspondent Tim Brown brought this firm to our attention as a maker of bench grinders. We had already known of them as a maker of handheld power tools, which are outside the scope of this site. Tim also provided the information that B&D bought Van Dorn in 1928.
  • Patents provide the information on Van Dorn & Dutton and also give us some data points on the years of operation.
  • The 1915-10-04 issue of The Iron Age mentions a new factory that was being built for the Van Dorn & Dutton Company and the Van Dorn Electric Tool Company.