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Manufacturers Index - Albert F. Young
Last Modified: Dec 17 2010 4:20PM by Jeff_Joslin
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Based on our scant information, this maker was in business in the 1860s and 1870s. He made chair-making machinery, wooden bandsaws, and a dowel-jointing machine. He may have bought out the business of C. D. Smith; see that entry for more information.

Information Sources

  • From an 1873 business directory ad posted by Benjamin Campbell. This ad gives the name as A. F. Young. The ad mentions "band saw machine, chair mortice machines, back and rocker tenoning machines, chair boring machines, seat and post rounder machines, front post tenoners, shafting of all sizes, Stimpson's patent dowel machine, turning lathes on hand."
  • From a listing in the 1874 work, Wiley's American iron trade manual of the leading iron industries of the United States, as a maker of "Chair-making machinery." The name given here is Albert T. Young. This work has a few obvious errors in names; the difference in middle initial is assumed to be an error, especially since script F and T look similar.