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Manufacturers Index - Wiley & Russell Manufacturing Co.

Wiley & Russell Manufacturing Co.
Greenfield, MA, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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This firm was established in 1872 to manufacture thread cutting tools, i.e., taps and dies. The founders were Solon Wiley and Charles P. Russell, nephew of the founder of the J. Russell Cutlery Co. They acquired the shops on the Green River vacated when the Russell cutlery moved to Turners Falls.

Advertisement from the September 1886 issue of American Mail & Export Journal

The company's product line expanded with tools and machinery for farriers, blacksmiths and wheelwrights. This included a line of drilling machines, post and freestanding, for manual and power operation. The drilling machines uses the "Green River" trademark.

In 1912 Wiley & Russell Mfg. Co. was acquired by Greenfield Tap & Die Corp. The Wiley & Russell name, along with all tools and machinery not related to thread cutting, were discontinued after 1916.

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Information Sources

  • The information here is courtesy of Albert Shane, curator of Greenfield's Museum of Our Industrial Heritage.
  • 1882-01-14 Scientific American, classified ad: "WILEY & RUSSELL MFG COMPANY., GREENFIELD, MASS., “LIGHTNING” (trademark), Manufacturers of Screw Cutting and other labor-saving Machinery and Tools. Bolt Cutters for hand or power in large variety. The celebrated Lightning Screw Plates in various assortments. Taps, dies, and reamers for use in the bit-brace. The Green River Tire Upsetter. Green River Drilling Machines. Green River Tire Benders, Horse-Shoers' Vises, Tire Wheels, Tire Bolt Wrenches, Nut Wrenches, Countersinks, etc., etc. Send for illustrated price list."
  • The Massachusetts corporate registry database lists this company's first registration as 1874-09-16.
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