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Manufacturers Index - Greenfield Tap & Die Corp.

Greenfield Tap & Die Corp.
Greenfield, MA, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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The firm was formed in 1912 as a holding company producing thread cutting tools (taps and dies). The company was founded by Frederick Payne and Frank O. Wells of the Wells Brothers Co.

In 1912 this firm engineered a hostile takeover of Wiley & Russell Manufacturing Co., combining the two large businesses to create the world's largest tap and die firm. They expanded by buying out most of its local competitors and acquiring other firms for their product lines, including Nutter & Barnes Co. in 1913 and F. E. Wells & Son in 1917. The Nutter & Barnes acquisition gave them product lines in metal sawing, sharpening and grinding, and the F. E. Wells & Son they got "Little Giant" wood and metal lathes.

In 1921 Greenfield Tap & Die simultaneously acquired two makers of grinding machinery: Greenfield Machine Co. and Morgan Grinder Co. Greenfield Tap & Die continued making universal grinders, cylindrical grinders and internal grinders for a few years before discontinuing those lines.

Beginning in 1958 Greenfield Tap & Die Corp. went through a series of mergers, ownership and organizational changes. The first of these was a merger with United Tool & Drill Corp. to form United-Greenfield Corp. In 1968, United-Greenfield was acquired by conglomerate TRW Inc. The company is still in Greenfield, albeit much smaller, as a subsidiary of Widia.

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Information Sources

  • The information here is courtesy of Albert Shane, curator of Greenfield's Museum of Our Industrial Heritage.
  • The Massachusetts corporate registry database lists this company's first registration as 1912-04-01.
  • August 1921 Automobile Dealer and Repairer.

    Greenfield Tap and Die Purchases Greenfield Machine Co. and Morgan Grinder Co.

    At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Greenfield Tap and Die Corporation, held Thursday, June 9th, it was voted to purchase the entire capital stock of the Greenfield Machine Company, Greenfield, Massachusetts, manufacturers of Cylindrical and Universal Grinders, and the Morgan Grinder Company of Worcester, Massachusetts, manufacturers of Internal Grinders.

    The combination of the Morgan Grinder Company and the Greenfield Machine Company, together with the machines now produced by the Greenfield Tap and Die Corporation, will constitute the Machine Division of the Greenfield Tap and Die Corporation.

    The Greenfield Tap and Die Corporation will operate both plants in the present location, although eventually the Worcester plant will be moved to Greenfield.

    The organization of both plants will remain the same:

    The Morgan Grinder Compamny, Ralph I. Morgan, president; L. M. Crittsinger, treasurer; Charles E. Hildreth, general manager. Greenfield Machine Company, E. F. Smith, president; Joseph G. Stevens, treasurer.

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