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Manufacturers Index - Dietz Will & Co.
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This firm began in 1880 as Jacob Dietz, to make woodworking machinery. In 1884 Mr. Dietz took Joseph Will as a partner and the business became Dietz, Will & Co. Pony planers and wood lathes, especially patternmakers' lathes, were specialties.

In 1887 the firm was succeeded by Dietz, Woermann & Co., and by 1889 that firm had been succeeded by Greaves & Klusman.

This firm may be related to J. Dietz & co., also of Cincinnati. The bandsaws bear a family resemblance to bandsaws from another Cincinnati maker, Cordesman & Meyer.

Information Sources

  • The 1878 Williams' Cincinnati City Directory lists "Dietz Jacob, mach. h. 110 W. Canal", and "Dietz J. mach. wks. 184 W. 2d", and "Dietz Jacob, carp. h.s.s. Harrison Pike west of Narrow Gauge Crossing, 24th Ward".
  • The 1880 Williams' Cincinnati City Directory lists "Dietz Jacob, carp. h. Harrison Av., Fairmount". This is likely a different Jacob Dietz.
  • The 1886 book, Leading Manufacturers and Merchants of Cincinnati and Environs.
    Dietz, Will & Co., Manufacturers of Wood-Working Machinery, First-Class Pattern-Makers, and Wood-Turners' Lathes, Nos. 58 and 60 Plum Street.—... In the manufacture of wood-working machinery the firm of Messrs. Dietz, Will & Co. has achieved an enviable reputation for the unsurpassed excellence and utility of its productions. This business was established in 1880 by Mr. Jacob Dietz, who conducted it till 1884, when he admitted Mr. Joseph Will into partnership, the firm being known by the style and title of Dietz, Will & Co. The premises occupied are commodious, being four stories in height and 27x90 feet in size, and are fitted with the latest improved tools, machinery, and appliances requisite for the systematic conduct of the business. The machinery is operated by a powerful steam-engine, while twenty skilled operatives are employed in the various departments. Messrs. Dietz, Will & Co. make a specialty of wood-working machinery and first-class pattern-makers' and wood-turners' lathes, which are absolutely unrivaled for durability and workmanship. They likewise manufacture all sizes of shafting, pulleys, hangers, patent compression couplings, pony planers, and handsaws. The woodworking machines of this firm are so simple, durable, and reliable that any ordinary mechanic can run or repair them, without referring to the manufacturers, thus doing without the expenses of an expert engineer. Messrs. Dietz, Will & Co. are widely known in manufacturing and mercantile circles.
  • August 1887 The Wood-Worker.
    THE firm of Dietz, Will & Co., 58 and 60 Plum Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, has been succeeded by Dietz, Woermann & Co., who will continue in the same line of business—the manufacture of wood-working machinery. Their specialties are pony planers, matchers, band saws, pattern makers' and wood turners' lathes, etc. The members of this firm are young and energetic men, who will endeavor by making good, honest machinery, to command their share of the trade. The Wood-Worker wishes them the success they merit.
  • 1888 The Railroad, Telegraph and Steamship Builders' Directory, under "Machinery, Wood Working": "Dietz, Will & Co., 189 W. Pearl st., Cincinnati, O." Also listed is "Dietz, Woermann & Co., 60 Plum st., Cincinnati, O." The latter company was also listed as a maker of bandsaws.
  • Seen on eBay: Bandsaw approximately 32", appears to be late 19th century.
  • Daniel Warner discovered "DIETZ WIL CO." under the paint of a ca. 1890 bandsaw. Daniel noticed a strong family resemblance to bandsaws from Cordesman, Meyer & Co.